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Hola mi Steemians

I can't really believe it. On May 4, 2015, my adventure "Emigration to the Dominican Republic" began.
Wow, unbelievably - for almost 3 years now, apart from a few small family and relatives visits in the old homeland do i live here on the island. And no, i'm not tired of it yet. I have always had a good time during this time. Apart from a few highs and lows, but there are everywhere. My problem was the impatience, but later more ...

But why am i actually here (or still here)? Lately, i have often asked this question myself. Others had the same "emigration dream". Some that I knew came and left after a while. But why is this? What was or is it? Am I better, smarter or just more perfect than the others? Or is there perhaps the "perfect emigrant type"?
No, I think that's not the case!

When I think back and summarize my thoughts a bit, in my view, 4 basic and important qualities crystallize, making up a successful and "persevering" emigrant. Very often these are also the reasons that fundamentally differentiate him from other persons who only dream of "emigration" or just quit at an early stage or those who suddenly find this special "adventure" is no fun anymore.

The following 4 qualities should necessarily be brought or acquired by the "modern" emigrants willing to secure a long-term "existence" in the Dominican Republic - or should I rather say "to secure survival":

You need a looooot of patience

For an emigration - yes, I mean a real and long-term successful emigration, you need a lot of patience and a lot of time, in order to successfully carry out a special project. And as it is always said: everything takes much (much) longer than you effectively think .
Be it, because the job search takes longer than planned, be it in the housing search and especially in building a new social network. And I don'tt mean Facebook or Twitter, but a real new environment for people. Time and above all a lot of patience even with pending authorities and possible permits, etc.

And believe me, your patience is really being tested every day. And who does t really bring a minimum of patience (and perseverance), which will be very quickly annoyed. Constant waiting, a back and forth and always many delays can be nerve-wracking and frustrating.
My tip: keep calm, drink tea (or a cerveza) and see the whole thing cool and very relaxed, because one thing is certain:

other countries - other manners

You need real bite and stamina

And because of these other manners here, it's absolutely essential that you have a lot of stamina and energy to plan your emigration to make it successful.
One thing you can believe in me: there will be more difficult times and also various setbacks. Probably even a few more than you can think about...
I was often pushed back 2-3 steps, then i had to go again with great effort effortfully 4-5 steps forward. And those who give up too early can usually bury their dream of emigrating before they even start.
Don't bury your dream at the first no or at the first problem- you have to stay tuned and persist with sting and persistence.

Reflect from time to time

Are you still doing the right and necessary thing, are you still on the right course or do you have to correct your direction? Question yourself regularly. But it's not about whether your "emigration" was the right or wrong decision, but rather about controlling or correcting small and operational steps in your new country of choice here in the Dominican Republic.

You have to question yourself if, for example, the hope for the job fails. What can this be? Advertised in the wrong places or your CV is not really well received?
That is why it is of vital importance to constantly reflect your being and actions.

You have to show a looooot of tolerance

To integrate successfully here in the Dominican Republic means to accept the "otherness" of the foreign culture. It's best you spend it. And with slogans like: "It was very different at home...", you have already lost! The fact is: you want to live here and live happily in the long term, so accept this change and show much tolerance that this island is not really perfect; especially not their inhabitants.

You should definitely bring along these four qualities or at least acquire them and above all work on them constantly, especially if you want to be happy in the new adopted country in the long term.

And what do you think about what the "absolutely perfect" emigrant looks like?

See you next time!

Hasta luego.
mikeCee aka Captain Mike Sparrow the steemian of the caribbean


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What you have written are well known truths, but everyone needs friendly reminder from time to time. Anyway, what does "perfect emigrant" looks like? I believe there are some people who feel at home in every place they find themselves in. It's not about preparation, it's not something you can acquire, it's a state of mind (or soul). But then, nobody is really perfect, so patience, energy and open mind would be sufficient to survive and thrive in a new place. Cheers!

that are true words, thank you for your comment

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