🏍️ ... from the crazy Motoconcho in Santo Domingo 🏍️ A short story

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Hola mi Steemians

Sometimes the motorcyclists are too fast on the way, you know that all over the world. And that their machines are a bit noisier than usual, we have become accustomed to it. And of course, most of them follow the traffic rules.

But what I experience every day here in the Dominican Republic is quite unique, unusual and, above all, very, very dangerous.

Most, sorry, rather all are without helmets; for what, disturbs only when driving (?). Mirrors? Fenders? Everything is missing. Often normal parts missing on the bike like lighting or whole parts of the important fairing. But what is never missing is the muffler. Mucho Ruido - big noise !!!

at least he has a helmet, but just for the construction, haha

How would I describe their travel style (actually they have none)? Haha, I can think about every attribute: delusional and reckless, cocky, and actually always daring. For them, there exist effectively only them on the street. They drive always with taking high risk and with zero circumspection; They aren't thinking a second of possible consequences of their actions.

It could indeed harm other road users; or they - zero understanding - no insight. Not in the least they think about the possible consequences of their actions and that they could harm other road users or themselves.

From time to time there are always some videos from the crazy Motoconchos circulating on social channels like Youtube, Twitter or Facebook. In the last few days, this one is going round again:

without words - they are "loco"! have fun ...

See you

Hasta luego.
mikeCee aka Captain Mike Sparrow the steemian of the caribbean


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Hello @followmikecee
Definitivamente....... Clase de loco
Saludos y Buena esa.

si totalmente loco este motoconchos

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