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Hola mi Steemins

As I told you yesterday in Part 1 of the lies and half-truths, for me the Dominican Republic still counts as one of the most interesting, beautiful and attractive emigrant destinations for many emigration enthusiasts around the globe.


Often, however, many untruths circulate in such places about this country and its inhabitants. People like to talk about things like:

  • the most wonderful tropical climate
  • the most beautiful beaches in the world
  • Food delicatessen without end
  • and the friendliest people

Especially brokers and residents have a great interest in keeping it that way because they are earning a commission on mediated services.
In the first article I have already spook about the topics language, friendliness, energy and water. Let's clarify more lies and untruths together today:

Tomorrow, tomorrow but not today

This saying definitely has its origin here in the Dominican Republic.
Typical time definitions here on the island are "mañana or ahorita." And the latter one you can't find in any Spanish dictionary. This is one of the typical Dominican time definition. Immediately - never or just sometime. The opinion is: Just wait and it will happen. Punctuality is an expression of politeness for the European. For the Dominican, time is much more meaningless. He thinks to himself, why should I plan long in advance, it comes anyway differently than i thought.

To give you a little courtesy: craftsmen will gladly give you a completion date. At least you have a clue. But what comes after that is no longer in their power. With "cuando dios quieres" (God willing) it might work out, but you can't count on it ... Just wonderful these Dominicans!


Prepare for a complete other world. Except for some transport companies (eg Caribe Tours or the Metro) there is absolutely no reliable timetable for the bus companies. Most of these "Guaguas" leave their starting bus stations when they are full.

"Taxi publicos", linie taxis are extremely cheap (around 50 cents each way), so you can share your passenger seat with an extra person. Where in most European countries on the back seat already three people are too much, here 4 people like to squeeze themselves in and aof course in addition a child will find its place. And they always drive only one fixed route. Normal taxis as we know them are much more expensive and massively much more expensive in the tourist areas. Well, rip-off lurks everywhere.

Transport (AMET)

Even the police doesn't abide by the prescribed laws - how many violations do you see here?

Road signs as a guide are rarely found throughout the country. If there is a sign or if you see it, it is often too late. Mostly the things are right at the intersection or even behind the turnoff.
But believe me, that's not so bad. Turn on the highway or even drive backwards, easy, this is perfectly normal here. Ghostdrivers? Everyday life here ...

And remember, red lights are not compelling stop signals. They are considered as an option. One driver will cut in from the left , another will run over the intersection at red and and and. I've got you the worst of the insane ...

Unfortunately, the Dominican Republic ranks second in statistics for the worst and most traffic accidents and deaths in the world. It's really bad here...


Who told you that this is cheap here? As a tourist that may apply, but a lot is already included in the all-inclusive ticket. The truth is:

  • even the simplest Dominican staple foods are very expensive
  • Imported goods (eg cheese from Holland or Switzerland, sausage from Spain, etc.) - forget it; your income must be very high
  • Beer is up to 3 times more expensive than in Germany
  • Orange juice from freshly pressed oranges? Way too expensive. Concentrate from America tastes just as good and is much cheaper
  • not to mention the gasoline prices. It is a lot higher here than in other countries of Central America.
  • cheap rents? Yes, in the ouback with the poor; in the capital on the Malecon (beach) you pay up to 2000 US dollars and more!

Do you want to eat cheap? Then live like the poor people of the Dominican Republic. But who wants this voluntarily?

Health or / and illness

Are you referring to public hospitals? Yes, then good luck or preferably good health. I don't want to expect you to the conditions there. The mortality rate among mothers alone is statistically one of the highest in the Western Hemisphere. Even the doctors here prefer a caesarian section of a natural birth ... And i don't want to talk about hygiene!

me with my two broken feet in July 2017 - most beautiful memories!

My advice to you: ### Stay healthy!

See you next time

Hasta luego.
mikeCee aka Captain Mike Sparrow the steemian of the caribbean


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