Did you see the helicopter on the roof of this monstrous yatch???! 😲🛳🚁

in travel •  5 months ago

Hi my friends!

While walking in the port of Barcelona, look what I saw ... A monstrous yatch with a helicopter on the roof !!!




It surely belongs to a Steemian who wrote a lot of blogs XD! I do not know how much is worth a yatch of this size but I'll have to write blogs ... hahahaha

Xoxo from Barcelona 💋

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For when you need to get the "F" out of town quick. Get the boat rollin' I'll catch up!!

Hola @flamingirl
y yo que pensaba que iba a pasar de incógnito.
Me han descubierto.
Bueno...... La recomendación para tenerlo es llegar a ser el Papá de las Ballenas.
Genial el artículo y las cosas que uno ve.


jajajajaj muchas gracias por tu comentario muy divertido!!!!!
Saludos de Barcelona!


Merci pour la localisation de mon petit bateau. Grosse soirée hier je ne me souvenais plus où je m'étais garé... Merci à la communauté pour me l'avoir retrouvé !!!! 😂😂😂😂

🚢🚁 ça c'est bon 🚀 oups ma fusée quelqu'un sait où ???


ahahahahahah je vois que les Steemians francophones n'ont pas perdu leur humour! Merci pour ton comm qui m'a fait bien rire =D! Je pars à la recherche de ta fusée maintenant! 😂😂😂😂

Wow, the steemian must have alot of money because am sure a yatch will be very expensive. This are the type of awesome things you can see in Barcelona

Hey, thanks for finding my boat....I knew I left it somewhere!


😂😂😂😂 You're funny my friend 😂😂😂😂

Ha ha, i hope this yatch is owned by an Steemian and next time he will fly with an Steem flag when that helicopter will take off, but these pictures are really great to watch and skies are reflecting so busy with so much foggy and shattered clouds. Thanks for sharing this piece with us. 🙂

oh god a giant yacht, how much elegance

Hey @flamingirl .. Its not a steemian's boat but surely will be soon. I will offer a good handsome price to the owner.

is it belongs to lionel messi??
he has a lot of money...