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RE: The Wave in Arizona - one of the World's Wonders where Only Lottery Winners can go

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Even already late a week, let me congratulate you Eva.
Happy birthday! I Wish you could travel whole the world soon. Your travel blog content is truly inspiring!
This is for me myself, I write more n more in my blog learning from yours.
You can go check it sometime.
By the way what is the different between The Coyote Buttes North and Grand Canyon? I have no idea about this. The view looks like the same, is it from the same place as well?


Thank you @fitrianizar :) your blog is inspiring, too :)) The Grand Canyon is huge and it doesn't look at all like this :) you can check my pictures from there here

Great! Now I know what's the difference with those two objects. Grand Canyon is so big and wide 😅