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RE: Last Day of the Year in Khao Yai, Thailand.

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It looks so fun! Everyone went home! Bangkok cleared out big time. It was so quiet here at MRT Sutthisan.

Have you had any success with money? I am so confused. I really need to get some of my sbd out.


Thank you for your comment @fitinfun. Bangkok can be fun too, when everyone else is out.

Yes, I have a solution now, and tested it twice, SBD from Steemit to 2 different Thai bank accounts, and I'm writing the first tutorial today and this will be 2 or 3, because it was a bit challenging to get verified with them, and following the tutorial will save you time.

My my goodness. I am so beyond my limits.

I wrote this post to try to get my son some cash in California and I will soon post one similar for me in Bangkok.

I am trying to think out of the box.

Yes, that's a good idea for one time, but using PayPal is not ideal because of the fees and it may take also more time to withdraw. There are risks too as the person who sent the money in PayPal and then get your SBD & Steem can then ask for a refund, open a dispute, and if the money was for buying crypto, they will refund him and maybe freeze the Paypal account. It's against their ToS to trade crypto. Many people have lost their money like that and it's something that should be done only with trusted friends in my opinion. Why is your son not using Coinbase? Very easy for the US to connect a bank account on it.

I was thinking that fact that he sent the invoice would make it a "not crypto" issue. I was able to pay an invoice he sent from pp with only a $5 fee. I thought that was good.

He has his own troubles with no phone to access the coinbase he does have.

Once we get this figured out he will get a phone I hope. He has ptsd and does not function well so every step is a struggle.

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