My Virgin Forest Life - The Delicious Fish (Original)

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We just started into the forest the first day, is expected to be high, every day should be able to catch 50 catties, as long as a person, 3 fish a day to complete the goal, but in fact the Lure fishing group did not complete the task, This place has never been caught fish, these small fish to see the bait to eat, Taiwan fishing method two hours 20-kilogram fishing , Lure fishing spots harvest little.
我们刚开始进去的时候,预期很高,每天应该能钓50斤斑桂, 只要一个人,一天3条鱼就目标完成, 但实际上路亚钓组没有完成任务,只有台钓组钓到鱼,

China's freshwater fish, what fish the most delicious, we caught many of China's reservoirs and different types of fish, Dongjin Reservoir curved pieces, the best to eat, delicious, fresh, April weather, virgin forest night temperature 0- 5 degrees, Very cold, the gas can only be used for 3 days, but it is not difficult, with less than 30 minutes,We made a soil stove

8 peoples a total of 20 bottles of white wine drunk, four chickens, 15 jin of fish a day, said a good smoking ban, secretly with a few cigarettes, saying good weight loss, all gain weight, interesting
8个人总共干喝光了两箱白酒,4只鸡,一天15斤鱼,说好禁烟的,偷偷带几条烟,说好减肥的,全都长胖了. 原始简单,没有手机的生活是很有意思,2016年4月我们相约再去原始森林

In April 2016 we meet again to the virgin forest

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Fisk är bra till maten har mycket vitamin



是的,很想和甜心妹妹一起去钓鱼,呵呵, 估计大家都要疯了!

It looks like you know how to fish pretty well! And it seems like you had a great time.

I'm tagging this with the #foraging tag, because you caught your fish in the wild, while you were campling. If you add the Foraging tag to your posts, it will be easier for me to find it and consider it for the SteemTrail @foraging-trail curation. You can find out more here and here.

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