A (possibly) fail trip because of Corona

in #travel2 months ago


A few days ago air Asia had a promotion.
So I decided to give it a try.
Me and my friends already planned to go to Kuala Lumpur in May since the end of last year.
So when I check the price I was so surprised of weird how cheap it was.
It’s like half of the normal price that I usually got.
The last time i went there, i even spent around 1.500.000 idr for round way ticket only.

Without thinking much, i bought the 390.000 idr ticket.
We planned to stay there since 02 May to 12 May.

But, the thing that still haunting me is corona.
Im not sure it will be save to travel at this condition but on the other hand, i feel like i dont want to abandon my plan since we already planned this for months.

Today, i asked my friend that works as a doctor in Kuala Lumpur and he said its quite bad there and many new patients coming.

Honestly, if in a week before my flight date the condition still getting worse.
I will probably cancel the whole plan.
Thats the reason why i still hold myself from book my stay there.
Even if the situation will be ok somehow at that time.
I already thinking of change a lot of my plan.
For one, its impossible for me to stay in a dormitory, i will be too scared to do that.
I will stay in a private room.
Which is sad too because the reason why i love traveling was because i love to stay in a hostel then meet people from another place.
Thats such a meaningful experience for me.

So sad, but what can i do.
I wish it will all get better, anywhere in the world.