Summer Trip 2018 #2 - Dolenjska / Lower Carniola

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Dolenjska / Lower Carniola

Dolenjska or Lower Carniola is south part of Slovenia

We went there few weeks ago and here are some photos from our trip!

Enjoy :)

We started near Klevevž.

Some grape near the road.


Forest path

Old trees near Grad Klevevž (Klevevž castle or Klingenfels)

Animal bones in the forest

Small waterfall on the Radulja river

Old tree next to the Krka River and Hudičev Turn(Devil's tower).

Hudičev Turn or devil's tower


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I think a lot of great post from another post. I liked your post a lot.

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Very nice photos. Cool

This is really great and i hope you enjoy your stay there. The pictures look great most especially the vineyard and the litlle waterfall. They look great. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us

I want more!!

Are you sure it is an animal bone :P I think I watched a lot of Horror movies in the past hhhh But it is a very beautiful place and nice tower :)

Nice post brother

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Your travels have been very enjoyable.and your pictures have been very beautiful.Thanks for sharing with us.

Nice pic... Awesome . beautiful..