Antique City, Side Turkey

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"Side" -is an Ancient Greek city, located on the south-west Mediterranean coast of Antalya.
According to ancient historical sources, it is known that the Greek colony in Side was founded in the 7th century BC. E., When it was founded by immigrants from Kima Aeolian. Greek settlers met here a population speaking in a local sidete language. Inscriptions were found in this peculiar language. The word Side in Anatolian dialect means "pomegranate". Also, the city was named after the nymph of Side (in fact, they called the goddess of the ancient Greek pantheon, Artemis - one of the symbols of which is a pomegranate). Side was the most important and large port of Pamphylia. Side is built on a peninsula and had two sides on the port. In the V century BC. E., In Side during the Persian hegemony, minted own coins. In 334 BC. E. Residents of the city without any resistance, laid down their arms in front of Alexander the Great. Later they fell first under the power of the Ptolemies, and then the Seleucids. In 190 BC. E. Side became the scene of a sea war between Rhodes and Syria. The Syrian fleet was commanded by the famous Carthaginian commander Hannibal. Then Side joined Pergamum. In the 2nd century BC. E. Side became the center of trade, culture and entertainment. In the I century BC. E. Pirates from Cilicia captured the city, after which he was accompanied by ungainly glory. Side turned into a marine shipyard and the center of the slave trade.
In the year 67 BC. E. The Roman commander Pompey dealt with the pirates. In gratitude, the people of Side have erected statues in his honor, thereby saving their reputation. Side was flourishing in the Roman period.
Side was still a trading center and slave market. Trade relations with Egypt were established. During this period, Side had a large fleet. Christianity spreads throughout the country. Already in the fifth and sixth centuries in the era of the Byzantine Empire, the Episcopal Department of Eastern Pamphylia appeared in Side. In the VII century most of southern Anatolia was subjected to the Arab invasion. The Arabs completely burned the city and destroyed it. The city of Side, once famous for being large and exemplary, was emptied as a result of the Arab invasion and robbery, and its inhabitants moved to Antalya (VIII century).

















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Great pictures!
The architecture is amazing, they don't build them like this any more!

thanks for your reply, that is human being building and ruining :D