The Princess Happy Place At Disneyland California USA

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The Excitement Of Spending The Day With The Princesses

We have arrived at the castle, in the magic kingdom. Excitement is everywhere. Magic is in the air as we get the first look at the beautiful princesses. Are you ready for a princess adventure? Come on then, lets explore all the castle has to offer and gaze at all the wonderful costumes. Today is so special.....did you see the pixie dust? 

Are you dreaming of warm days and plenty of sunshine? This is Southern California and it has amazing weather. When you leave the Magic Kingdom, there is still time to roam the sunny beaches. This is the heart of Southern California USA.......the land of the Magic Kingdom.  

Scattered and strategically placed throughout the entire park and Anaheim are many places to dine. Welcome to a world of  more than 94 different restaurants in Disneyland  and Disneyland Adventure Park. There are spectacular buffets, several fast food chains, and quality gourmet dinning experiences. You can choose places with Disney Characters to entertain the children. Whatever you are looking for, it is either in Disneyland California or nearby in the city of Anaheim. 

So let's pack our bags and head out to the magical world of the Disneyland Princesses.  The attractions and stories are out of this world.  The princesses have the most fabulous gowns. This is a world of premier creativity.  Any day, is a good day, to choose a princess adventure! 

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Wow so pretty and awesome princess:)😘😘😘
I remember when were in hongkong disneyland im chasing all the disney princess to take photos with them!

very nice. how i wish i can go there with my kids. they will be very there.

This place is full of hapiness. I want to go to this kind of places. It is amazing..resd, upvoted, commented and resteemed by rubelynmacion

The photo is so colorful it bring out the child in me. Thank you for reminding me of the feeling by reading your article the memory of my childhood refresh in my memory :)

Am sure everyone around that area is surely in a happy and refreshing mood....
Thanks for sharing
Kryptonia @bitcoinpaul

wow... oh how I wish to spend a day with disney princesses!!!

@ladytsfrancine on #kryptonia #superiorcoin

I love to go there someday.

So pretty of them. They look like not a real person. 😄

Makes you forget your worries even just for a day. We've been to HK Disneyland. My wife loves Disney and the Princesses.

Votado hacia arriba

oh how I wish I could see them in person as well :)

I grew up loving Disney princesses. Belle is my favorite. 😊

beautiful princess... such a great post!

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They are so pretty, that they look unreal! Hahaha! 😂 They look like mannequins!!!

When we were in Disneyland Hong Kong, I touched one of them to know if she's real. Hahaha! 😂😂

Always wanted to go to Disneyland as a child. Thanks for the post and pics.

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