The Icy Robertson River Of Alaska

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Thin Glacier Ice On The Robertson River  

The Robertson River is one of several beautiful and major tributaries of the Tanana River. At many times of the year, you can drive this area without major problems. This river, however often has a thin to a thick coating of ice, depending when you are there.

The Robertson River is one of the most beautiful rivers in Alaska. It travels through a wonderful wilderness area that becomes the perfect adventure zone for those who are fit and active. It is filled with trails, where you can hike from Tok, Alaska all the way up to the upper River. There is a drainage ditch that you can follow much of the way if you begin at Cathedral Rapids. During the descent you will see numerous waterfalls and the fields are filled with sheep much of the year. You could almost say that the sheep are guarding the decent up to the river from Tok. It is a 17 mile hike going up this way, and not all of the way has really clear trails, but rather trails left from the sheep making the trip up the mountain and the drainage ditches. If you enjoy hiking it is a fun way to see the river. If you are equipped with inflatable rafts, you can float down the river back to where there is a major bridge crossing the river called the Robertson Bridge. It is a 25 mile trip down the river. There are specialized tour guides for this trip. It is highly recommended that you go with a tour group.

This side of the State of Alaska has some very special rivers to explore. The Robertson River is just one of the many wonderful sites you can see on this adventure. The whole area is extremely beautiful. The views are amazing and the glacier ice on the river is like nothing else. It’s blue tinted ice on the white sparkle in the sun. This is an exploration you will not want to pass up.You can easily fly into this glacier fed river and then float out to a road. It can also be accessed by road at certain times of the year. The hardy, of course, can elect to hike in. Whichever way you desire to travel, you will see some of the most untouched wilderness land you can imagine.

For more exciting Alaskan adventures, check out our website at Alaska is full of exciting destinations just waiting to be explored. The wilderness rivers are teaming with fish for the fishermen and the Robertson is no exception. Depending on the time of year you elect to come, there is everything from winter ice fishing to summer sport fishing. 

You will find exciting fishing lodges where trained guides will take you out to the outback and safely introduce you to a whole new world of fishing, to unique one of a kind adventures that you will never forget. What better way to celebrate life’s special moments, than with an Alaskan adventure! 

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