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The Canta Is Right At Home In Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you want a clean, green adventure, in a walkable, drivable, bikeable, and boatable city, then Amsterdam is the place to be.

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These cars can drive 45 km. So fun for old people and you can drive on the bike lane as well.



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Car was so cute.hahaha if you drift that car possible it would be stumble.☺ nice post!

Thats a car for older people. These cars cannot drive fast.


It's an awesome small car for those who do not have large families @fathin-shihab.


Yes, but i believe only old people are allowed to drive in it because you can not drive with it on the high way. It only goes to 50 km per hour or so. So far i have seen only old people drive in it.


It's an awesome small car for those who do not have large families @fathin-shihab.

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small car is nice and very simple can be taken anywhere. I really like this car. I have made a new post please visit friends.

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Nice car for beginners :)


Very nice car @taica for people who want to use less.

Looks like a souped up golf cart....kind of cute :)


For some more or less bigger trips I don't like small cars, but for the city they are perfect. I call them "city-market cars." 😉 Excellent for going shopping in the core center (at least in my city). The only problem might be the price. They cost almost the same as some 4m long vehicles. - lol -