Photo of the Day ~ Exploring the desert valley of Wadi Rum

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 Exploring The Desert Valley Of Wadi Rum  In Jordan

Embark on the adventure of a life time exploring the Valley Of The Moon. At times you can rightfully ask if you are still on planet earth. As you wander through this brutal but astonishing desert, you will see desert colors in the deep oranges. It looks like a freshly painted canvas, painted as only a master artist can do. Put on your sun hat, wrap your head  in a scarf, grab plenty of water,  and let's explore this amazing and dramatic desert. This is a spectacular Jordan wilderness.  The Wadi Rum is waiting for your to discover all that this wilderness has to offer. 

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Beautiful images!!!

Which device and app/software are you using to take those photos? @exploretraveler

very nice exploretraveler

Thank you @kishore1988

Very beautiful picture!

Thank you @tabealouise.

Thats an amazing photo!

Thank you @macbaren.

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Nice post

Thank you @diegobusel.

I always wanted to go to Jordan :)

@tantra, it is a nice adventure. The people are so welcoming and the land beautiful.

Nice one bro :)