Living Art At The Kokyo Gaien National Gardens In Tokyo, Japan

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  Japanese Black Pines Trained To Have Intriguing Forms

Breath the fresh pine scented air, in Tokyo’s downtown Kokyo Gaien National Gardens. The Japanese Black Pine has a natural resistance to pollution and salt, making it the perfect urban tree for a small island nation. These tall stately trees make up the overstory of any forest. They are tall and sturdy and just keep getting taller. In their natural state, the are usually the tallest trees in the forest. But with years of skill and patience, they can be trained to be living art in the form of bonsai trees. Such is the case in the Kokyo Gaien National Gardens. From the time that the trees were young, they have been pruned and shaped into the unique and intriguing shapes that you see today. These are some of the most elegant living art forms of the natural world. In the midst of these spectacular Black Pine Trees, you will find peace and tranquility. 

  In The Center Of Kokyo Gaien National Gardens

Tall living elegance, that have been shaped into the most intriguing forms over the years, stand tall in the center of Kokyo Gaien National Gardens. The center part of this amazing green space is filled with the scent of pine freshness and an overwhelming serenity. This is the perfect place to escape the city rat-race.  It is an oasis of peace in the midst of one of the world’s largest green spaces.

    Tall And Elegant Japanese Black Pines Tower At The Entrance Of The Imperial Palace

Soaring into the Japanese Sky, are the sturdy and majestic Japanese Black Pines. In this location of the Kokyo Gaien National Gardens they form the overstory of this magnificent urban oasis. Oblivious to the urban smog and the fresh salt in the air, these stately trees that are over 2000 in number, make up the highlight of the garden. In places, you will see other native trees nestled under their overstory. For sure, they are living art throughout the park. 

 The Imperial Palace Nestled Among The Japanese Black Pines

Even the Imperial Palace is nestled under the overstory of these magnificent Japanese Black Pines. These elegant trees provide a degree of privacy from the outside. The spectacular Meganebashi Bridge, together with a double story wooden bridge, provide the entrance to the palace, which is almost hidden among the trees. 

  Native Trees Line The Moat That Helps Keep The Imperial Palace Gardens Secure  

This urban park, in the midst of Tokyo, has a moat that helps with the security of the palace. The moat is kept clean and is crystal clear, with reflections of the trees and city landscape. 

  An Urban Oasis Of Japanese Black Pines And Other Native Trees 

The Japanese Black Pines, together with other native trees make up a splendid display of living art. If you have never seen these examples of natures art work, then be sure to visit while in Tokyo. Here in the Kokyo Gaien National Gardens, you will find rest and tranquility from the city rat-race. Whether you come for a few hours, or just for a lunch break……. you will leave refreshed and rejuvenated.

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