Exploring The Sultan Ahmed Mosque In Istanbul Turkey

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The Sultan Ahmed Mosque In Istanbul Turkey

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque is located in Istanbul, Turkey and was built between the years of 1609 and 1616 during the the rule of Ahmed I. Ahmed I was only 19 at the time he commissioned it's building.  The young Sultan died just months  after the finishing of this amazing mosque. He was gifted with the opportunity to pray in the new mosque before his death.  Ahmed I was 27 when he died. His burial place is also within the grounds of this magnificent mosque. 

The Ahmed Mosque was one of the last last  classical Ottoman  mosques to be built. It was built between the Hagia Sophia and the Hippodrome. It is also close to the living quarters of the royals. It stood complete with a hospice, hospital, school, burial tombs,markets,  and other buildings. Many of these buildings were torn down in latter years. 

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque is often refereed to as the Blue Mosque, At night, as darkness falls, blue lights engulf the mosque with it's 13 domes. and six minarets.  These lights are fixed so as to surround and engulf the domes and minarets.  This is in addition to the elaborate blue interior tiles. 

Because of some sense of lack of reverence for the Mecca Mosque, which also had 6 minarets, there was one minaret added to the Mecca mosque.

Close Up Of The 6 Minarets As Well As Many Of The Mosques 13 Domes

The mosque is complete with 260 windows that were filled at one time with stain glass from the 17th Century. It has 20,000 handmade blue tiles on the interior. 

Colorful Fountains Are Found All over The Sultan Ahmed Mosque

Colorful fountains are found all over the mosque that are for refreshing your face, washing your hands and feet at the Dome of the Blue Mosque. Shown is the top of the inside dome at the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, also called the Blue Mosque. The mosque gained the nickname because of all the many shades of blue used in the inside tiles. Over 20,000 of these beautiful blue tiles adorn the walls of the mosque.  These tiles are in over 50 different tulip designs, other flowers, and Cyprus trees. 

The Base Of Many Colorful Fountains For Washing At The Sultan Ahmed Mosque

These large tubs with running water make it easy to follow ritual cleansing rules while worshiping at the mosque. 

The mosque is open to tourists to view and is also an active Muslim Mosque. Women are asked to be covered and to wear a scarf. Robes and scarves are  provided at the entrance. Men are also asked to wear long pants and shirts. The mosque is an amazing place and should be on everyone's radar while in Turkey. 




Because of some sense of lack of reverence for the Mecca Mosque, which also had 6 minarets, there was one minaret added to the Mecca mosque.


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If you use Turkish Airlines for your umrah visit from Malaysia or Indonesia you have got time for travel Sultan Ahmed Square.

Thank you for the information @sbunlu.

This is very beautiful!

Night is especially beautiful!

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what beautiful places I would like to visit, if you come to Venezuela, I recommend the great savannah; the angel jump and the tepuys. Greetings.

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woww...! w't the classical arcitecture....!!!
so beautiful photography & the article.

welcome.... I'm already fall in love of Istanbul by your article. Thank you to share the nice article with wonderful photography.

wow really nice mosque..

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Ive alwats loved muslin art, such attention to detail is remarkable. Its sad that its creator never lived to enjoy it for a long time (at least he saw it finished, it was normal in that time that the person who envisioned one construction died before its completion).

a very beautiful and magnificent mosque, I really like this place.

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A Beautiful Mosque and it would have been nice to be able to pray here

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Nice pictures, do you also have daylight pictures of IT?

I bet that's a spectacular sight in person. The photos are amazing, but probably still do not do it justice. A lot of history there. Thank you for sharing. @ironshield

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Beautiful pictures and very informative content

@exploretraveler Did you see all dogs sleeping outside of it?! Hilarious!

Majestic! Though haven't seen the Masjid in daylight but just seeing its interiors signifies a well-crafted architectural design.

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Where else you visit in I

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the beauty of this mosque, I am very bannga be muslem.
my friend there is a new post,

the beauty of this mosque, I am very proud to be a muslem.
my friend there is a new post,

Beautifulll Mosque 😍

Anyone from Istanbul itself?

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Masha Allah very beautiful post brother.....

Great Post @exploretraveler !
The Sultanahmet Mosque (The Blue Mosque)
She is one of the symbols of Istanbul. It is also one of the most important works of the Ottoman era. The Sultanahmet Mosque, aka The Blue Mosque, was built in the early 1600s. It was built by Sultan Ahmet I to architect Sedefkar Mehmet Agha. The Blue Mosque which is one of the most important monuments of the city, as for its specified, is decorated with more than 20.000 Iznik tiles colored with blue, green and white. Its half domes and large dome are also decorated with blue pencil patterns. Because of this, it is called The Blue Mosque. It is the only mosque in 6 minarets of all Turkey.

I love Istanbul and I feel whoever visits one time, has always to go back. A very beautiful city and very friendly people.
I enjoyed reading your post and keep up the good work!

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Beautiful pictures ❤️❤️

Looks like a great place to visit, hopefully soon.

I would take up arms to restore CONSTANTINOPLE .

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