Beautiful Misty Evening On The Big Sur Beach In California

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 The Surf Of The Beaches Of Big Sur At Sunset

If you like the more rugged beaches, that are not packed with sun bathers, Big Sur is the place to go. In Big Sur there are beaches for everyone. Some you have to hike a little to get there and others you can drive all the way. Some are wild and rocky, and others are less wild and secluded. Some have restrooms and others do not. The views are all different, it seems like you can see forever, and of course,  the sunsets are amazing. 

There are many beaches to choose from, but Garrapata State Park is a favorite of adventure travelers. The beaches are just a short hike, the views are spectacular, and who knows what you might see.  Often you will be able to spot Sea Otters and other marine life sun bathing on the rugged rocks that line the coastline. Have you ever seen a Sea Lion up close? Have you ever watched a Seal at play? Big Sur is home to many different types of marine life, and this beach is a perfect place to see marine life enjoying the day among the rocky coastline.

Pfeiffer Beach is another fun beach in the area. It is another favorite for those locals who enjoy the flatter beaches. It is easy to get to, still has a secluded feel, and the views are amazing. It is a local favorite for watching the sunset, or just walking the beach. It is unique among the beaches! 

Another unique and different beach is Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park Beach. If you like to dive, this is the beach for you. It does require a short hike of about 2 miles, but it is well worth the effort. This is a beautiful beach and the diving is good. 

Sand Dollar Beach and Jade Cove are popular with those who like to look for unique and interesting rocks. Jade can be spotted at times on both beaches.

Accommodations are excellent in the area with RV Parks, State Camp Grounds, several Bed and Breakfasts, Lodges, hotels, and specialty retreats. There are also many quality restaurants in the area. There is a visitors center in Big Sur that has information on the above beaches, as well as many others. You will also find information on dinning and accommodations.

If you are looking for a California Beach adventure, then Big Sur is the place to be.

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such wonderful pictures!
how do you find time to travel? got tips? ;-)

(@dillagr from Kryptonia)

the photography of the Beach and the Sunset is simply amazing @exploretraveler


Yes,i want to go there.such a cool and peaceful photography.

its nice to go in the beach watching the sun rise

What a nice beach with a cool sunset. It makes you relax by just merely looking at its beautiful scenery.

I really like to the beach, this beach is very beautiful I really like and I have never seen such a beautiful beach.

The pictures were clearly taken and also very beautiful and refreshing place
Have been to the beach in my country but i'd love to visit this place also
Thanks for sharing
Kryptonia @bitcoinpaul

Great post upvoted from kryptonia

Nice. Now I want paid holidays over there and a coconut.

Our team wishes you lots of luck for all your wishes @nopenotagain.

this is very kind of you. Thanks :)

I hope I can visit that place someday!

@ladytsfrancine from #kryptonia #superiorcoin

Great view! But the beach seems it has a huge undertow just looking at it.

It is a wild and rugged beach. The waves are out of this world World @michelleast.

I see. Better not to mess with this beach.

Vamos a la playa !

California has does have beautiful sunsets 🌅

Yes, the sunsets are amazing there @wfmkay.

beautiful pics and thanks for sharing this information to us, wish that you can see the beach in my country too.. it is as beautiful as california too. found you on kryptonia.. best regards @cicisaja

very beautiful sunset. u have a good eye . tnx for sharing

Awesome sunset view.

Nice photos, keep it up. @chetachi26

sunsets are so overwhelming :) <3

This sounds funny. Garapata is dog lice here in the Philippines. 😁

great post!

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Been to Big Sur 1986 :) @damiana

@exploretraveler - Great description and photos of the area. I drove through that area along the west coast in 1998, good time.

Nice post.
Kryptonia by @Hokkaido

Awesome post!! Keep it up and check out THIS POST as well as I have something similar.

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