Golden hour in Morozovitsa

in travel •  3 months ago 

There are such universal places where you can always take a picture of a good sunset or just walk under the rays of the setting sun.
The Trinity-Gleden Monastery in the village of Morozovitsa is just such a place where it is good in the golden hour. And this is due to the fact that our ancestors were able to choose a good place and the right angle for the construction of buildings.

The monastery is located on a small hill, which is the old bank of the Sukhona river at the confluence with the Yug river. At the beginning of the 20th century, the river Sukhona changed its course and the water receded closer to the city of Velikiy Ustyug, leaving behind floodplain lakes and water meadows.

Circles on the field. The feeling that an alien ship has landed here. For me, this feeling is further strengthened by the fact that in fact in Soviet times very often flying objects were seen. Newspapers wrote about it, eyewitnesses told (up to contact with aliens) and even the KGB (State Security Committee of the USSR) studied this area.

To date, some of the temples of the monastery are in a dilapidated state.

Old road to the monastery. I remember when it still drove a tractors and other cars.

The only Trinity Cathedral is best preserved. Inside is the most elegant iconostasis in the entire region! Last year, restorers came from Moscow and carried out work there.

On this site the caretaker lives. Our ancestors were able to choose places earlier, therefore here it is always good, calm and cozy.

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