Bikini Booty - Day 1

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I joked about taking a picture of my bikini butt every day I'm in Thailand, so that's what I'll do!

Okay, not really, but I thought this would keep you entertained for a little bit while I work on my first real set of pictures from Hua Hin. I've been slacking these first two days and not really taking pictures before tonight at the Night Market. I have to step up my game and start getting more serious about the photography because it really is something I love to do and I always regret the times when I didn't take my camera with me to some new place.

But for now, here is a shot of me in the terrace of my room, hanging by the 15 metre pool. The weather here is perfect and I'm tempted to stay poolside all day! I was pretty scared about burning my skin so I was slathering on a SPF50 lotion but apparently I don't burn as easily as I though, so I got no colour what so ever even though I was outside most of the day. I want them tan lines on me booty!


I have to get to bed now, I stayed up way too late last night and barely got over the horrible jet lag.

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This bikini has decorated you very much.

maybe nice weather will put you in the mood to show us little bit of vaga ?

I don’t wanna expose my vaga to the sun!

Ouch! As a fair skinned lady I agree!!!

Thanks for the update. The closest I ever got to Thailand was the vacation hotspot called South Vietnam. In 1969 it was REALLY hot. My tan lines were the outline of my flack jacket : ) Be safe.

I think I’ll be a lot safer here than you were in Vietnam, and my bikini lines will be a lot smaller 😁

I salute you Sir! Like all veterans, brothers in arms ...and those who are seen...

There is a veterans group here. Look up @guiltyparties to be in that group.

Absolutely frozen solid here, but this warms me a bit, inside.

Put on some more wool!

Ei auta aina kun flunssaa puskee muutenkin :D Mutta sentää tuo virne ja pyllerö tosiaa vähä piristää ^^

Hello, nice pictures, I imagine that in Thailand there are plenty of places for very good photos, good luck with that and with the tan lines.... See ya

really is an intresting way of life

I think it sounds like a pretty great plan.

What you need is a candela to tan.

Ah I like is that is for sure :)

I saw that bikini butt first! at least xx hours before you post it...Oooooh!... I'm So Special!! How should I use my king of steemit crown!? ;D

Yes you did, I had to get an approval from an reliable source 😘

It's such an honor

You know what I thought when I saw your picture?
I am very excited. I greatly admire the beauty of a woman's body that has a plump ass and big breasts. your happiness @eveuncovered.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Tourism & adventure, the good life.

Is that an onion bootay 😀

Me likey

Keep balling

Onion booty? If you cut it in pieces, you cry?



... if you fuck the booty, I have no idea what would happen.

Apsu you are horrible❤️

Hi to one of my becoming favorite steemian @eveuncovered! I hope your having good time in Thailand. Your photos are always as pretty as you. Thanks for the inspiration.

I'll be aware of your next images.

You seem a little bit tired, but same time happy and gorgeous. Take care of your skin and sleep well so you will have enough energy tomorrow!

Nine hours of sleep behind me, I’m so ready for this day!

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Looks like you enjoying the rays! Were enjoying the shots haha 💯🐒


Just do what make you happy.Im a Brazilian i love get tan with very small bikini,just dont forget the sunblock .Enjoy beautiful girl 💕☀👙 love you photos 📷

Gorgeous, have fun there and go explore the shit out of this place!


very confident and bold !! u carried that off very well

Nice. My wife has lived in Hua Hin before. I've never gotten to Thailand yet, but it's on my plan

Until now I didn't even knew that sea zebra exist. So after seeing these photos of yours I googled it as a joke...

it seems that even bikini can be educacional.

Hhaha, I feel really confident in my bikini now 😁

What a beautiful life you live - you are such an inspiration Honey :)

Looking gooooooood

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