Waking Up To Two Nippleless Breasts

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It was a chilly morning and as early as 8:00, I was already up. The sun was shining so bright outside when I pushed the curtain aside to open the door to the terrace.

"Holy cow! God, You're such a show off!"; is what came out of my mouth when I saw these. I never thought the view from our hotel room would look like this since we got there at dawn and it was pitch black!


It's like ... a wall paper from a computer just came alive in front of me. There they were, staring at me still covered with clouds. Two pointy tips of the Alps. Okay, I admit that title above is a click - bait but let me explain.

See ... where I came from we use mountains to refer to the breasts and these two, though not very perfect and could compare to those with probably inverted nipples that won't perk up even on chilly mornings, they were marvelously proud.

My jaw dropped when I first saw them. It's not because I've never seen any mountain before, I've hiked plenty in Asia. It's not because I live in "flat land" now, it's just so damn marvelous! It's like God decided to paint one day and it turned into life.


The funny part ... He made sure, they never look dull - or still. Almost every hour, they look different to me. Either they're covered in clouds or blinding sun streaks.


Is it just me or do you see faces on them, too?



Every now and then, an eagle or two would fly by along with para-gliders. At some point the eagles would look like it would snatch a glider from afar. Sometimes, a glider would look like it's being blown away almost crashing to those mighty looking mountains.


Around ten in the morning, six to seven gliders could be heard screaming and seen floating in the air. I admire their courage for I find that too risky to do.



Though I do believe in YOLO, I'm not up doing this knowing where they'd land is still part of a mountain. We found out the next day that those chairs we passed by, that's close to where they land.

Perhaps, if they'd be soaring up a lake, I'd give it a go. I've seen people break their legs after having a paragliding accident. Though, these look very safe and everyone who did it are very much alive because they have professionals with them, I am not up to take such too high risks for a 15 min adrenaline rush reward.


The view on my window is just - breathtaking! I look to my left and see more glaciers seemingly melting to the scorching hot sun. The day it turned 30 degree Celcius in Grindelwald Switzerland, they looked like milk, slowly fading from those rocks as if someone sneaked out licking them up.

Btw, can you see those faces there as well?

I also noticed what looked like a man standing on top of that "ape's face" - like side of that mountain to the left - it was actually a tree. Close to it is a place that has cable ride - two eggs, so it seems. Apparently, you could take a coaster ride when you get there aside from being on top of one of those breasts!


To the right, is another cable car ride. It seems to be a lot busier than the one in front of me.


Those flowers above, I have them on my terrace, too. Guess, who paid them a visit on my first day there. He never seem to fail to come and he's always on time. It was hard taking his pics for he was always fluttering his wings.

Understandable, for some swallows would fly above us and the resto below. I took this pic on my last day, as if he was waiting for me on these flowers close to the stairs, bidding goodbye.


All of these, just staring me by my window in my hotel room. They made sure I forgot to check on my phones and comp. They made sure, my mornings were relaxed and that I get to rest and enjoy sitting on the terrace even at night, watching the stars and a very few flickering lights from the houses nearby.

Yes, I am missing waking up to those breasts ...

This content's 100% mine . I took the pics with my D Eye .

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beautiful pictures they remind me of when I visited Mittersill in Østerrike


thank you

the Alps must extend there then :D


yes, beautiful for the eye there

Amazing shots! I adore mountains, this fresh air and beautiful landscapes. What can be better?

I live not far from Carpathian mountains and i'm very happy to go there. It's so relaxing and gives me a lot of energy. Also i like to go in the forest for mushrooms and berries 😊😊😊.

I hope you will get a lot of positive energy there! Take care:)


thank you

you should share about that as a post ;)
take us there, too

I did get to recharge while I was there, thank you


I will write for sure:)

wow, just wow! I'm very amazed with mountain views, I feel the fresh air from the photos. I wanna be there

It's such a beautiful part of the world! I guess the thing that has always struck me about Switzerland and also the French Alps is the "drama" of the mountains; so bold and rugged, and then these idyllic little towns in valleys of green.

Thanks for sharing!


What a beautiful way to wake up dear friend @ englishtchrivy! with only that image it was worth the trip and its for minors.
Without a doubt, I would forget about the whole world, not just cell phones and computers.
the pictures are really very beautiful, thank you very much for showing us
I wish you a happy stay


thank you

I had such :D


Dat is wel ff anders als de lage landen. Super mooi. Als je daar niet tot rust kan komen..

"Perhaps, if they'd be soaring up a lake, I'd give it a go. I've seen people break their legs after having a paragliding accident.

If you would fall from a certain height. Water would be just as hard as a brick. Only then you need an ambulance and a coastguard to get you out of the water. But now im writing this maybe you ment just a few meters above the water? Anyway stuff like paranoia gliding i have little desire to do that two.

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the photography is very beautiful and fabulous..the sign is an amazing photographer. thanks. Welcome.

This your post is very impressive! Thank you very much!


thank you :D
best regards to both you & richman


Many thanks and all the best to you too :D

This is heaven right there wow the views around is breathtaking :D

Awesome captured @englishtchrivy those Shots really fascinating that could make one wow and forgot to close up its mouth again hehe... Honestly you are lucky to capture those scenes... whenever there is cloudy in the sky Its always appear like human faces.. they are awesome..the work of his hands proclaimed his Glory.. glory be to God for creating those marvelous nature...

Thanks for share.



yes, God has been showing off while I was there
but He's earned it :D
or maybe it's better to say - it's but right :D


You are welcome...

Welcome to Switzerland, typical Alps. Beautiful photographs hope you enjoying it!

Well the views are indeed stunning and marvelous.It sure goes without saying that the creation of the Almighty is sure something unimaginable.

The mountains and the views are something where you can really look at all day. Great of you to notice the faces as well ;)

You guys were lucky to get a nice Hotel and the views were kind of free as well ;)

What a fabulous trip! Beautiful shots. I think I need a vacation...


you should take one :)

wow. articles that are very interesting.
so this is the beauty of the famous alpine mountain?
this is very beautiful.
thank you @englishtchrivy top share.
please your support for me.

This is an exelent photografy post.. Nice to know you @englizhtcrivy