The London Eye

in travel •  last year

The famous London Eye. I don't like it aesthetically but that's a good tourist stop.

Little challenge inside, put your "London eye" photographs as comments and I will vote for them. (limited to first 5 comments.)

/cc @zoltarian, @rdvn, @ewq, @thornaci :)

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I quit using handy years ago so i haven't been able to took photos for years but still spend some time to manage this one 18.jpg

I don't like it aesthetically but good photo point for tourists. There are lots of places that has better view than the eye :) Enjoy your trip. If you miss turkish food go to babaji ;)

Awesome. This has to be one of the most photographed places in London; hope to make it there some day.

I love London, haven't been there in years! Make sure you see the Big Ben at night. It's stunning, no photo can show its beauty. Have fun on your trip!


Big ben has a restoration ongoing, next time :)

How about everywhere in London. I love that place and I have no idea why. Actually I should not :) Because there is tooo much people :D