Travelling to Perth, Australia #throwback

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Hi fellow steemians..this is my fourth post since i join this can check my previous blog:


Today, i would love to share about my experience travelling to Perth, was late in November 2014 during school and my best friend, Gina Hin travel to Perth,’s a 4 Days 3 Night stay..we travel via AirAsia flight from Kuala Lumpur bound to Perth approximately 5.5 hours..after clearing immigration process, we headed to Europcar counter to rent a car which was Hyundai i20..I forgot how much we paid..we also rent a GPS device..we can use our Malaysian driving licence there, no problem at all..i drove most of the time because my friend didn’t bring her licence..we stay at Indian Ocean Hotel, book online, hassle free..ohya, the currency that time was about 1 AUD = MYR 3 (approximately)..the weather was superb, almost sunny every my surprise, almost all shopping complex closed before, there were few interesting places that we manage to visit..

1. Kings Park


2. Caversham Wildlife Park
I can’t believe i can touch and feed kangaroo..

Oh my koala..

3. Whiteman Park
The front gate..

4. Swan Valley
Tea break..

5. Fremantle Prison
History building..

6. Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour


7. Perth Mint
The statue..

8. Nambung National Park – The Pinnacles Desert
Words can’t describe my feelings..amazing..

9. Wave Rock
I don’t regret driving 4 hours from Perth city just to see this!

I bought a few souvenirs and made in Australia merchandise..hopefully i can go again with my family next time..Perth is definitely a lovely place to travel with our love ones..

Regards @emmeyfemmella

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Nice photo and scenery..

Thank you..

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Wow, this is really awesome! @emmeyfemmella, thanks for with your friends here on steemit.


Nice photo! I hope I can visit Aus in future time.

Tq..yup..hopefully u can visit AUS..