Some Unbelievably Beautiful Moments at Maasai Mara| God's Work is Magnificent!!

in travel •  21 days ago

Just sited here going through memory lane and I can't help but marvel at some of this images I took while on My Maasai Mara Safari. My Goodness, I can't say I have ever had such beautiful nature moments in my life. Like just look at this first image, have you ever seen such rays of light on such a vast piece of land with only a single tree in sight?


I just can't help but wonder what God had in mind when he created such an environment, situation or whatever you wanna call it. In a way, I feel like this image is trying to tell me to never be afraid to stand alone, to always keep my head high, you can shine and stand out in whatever situation you're at id God is at the center of it. Right?

I know that might be a bit too profound, but that is genuinely how I feel about it, at this moment.


This last two images though, I can't quite put my hand on the message. Such small animals in the midst of this vast African land, just peacefully grazing minding their business.


I do want to however to take a moment to talk about the clouds in the background. Isn't that just one of nature's most beautiful and intriguing moment? So Heavy, the reflection from the sun rays, and the bright blue sky just give the images some of the most remarkable vibes!!


This are truly some of those moments that I'll forever hold dear in my heart. If I could I would take this trip TODAY! Now even. It is definitely a place I will forever recommend to anyone and everyone! A Place I will go back to Again & Again & Again etc...

Once Again, thank you for Stopping By. I will definitely see you on the next Post!

Love, El.

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