African Art At Maasai Market,Kenya

in travel •  23 days ago

I am really not an artsy person, but I love to appreciate good art and products when I come across some. Today, I wanna share images of some art pieces that were/still being sold at Maasai Market, in Nairobi.

Majority of my family in the states always love to carry some when they come to visit. I think some are truly amazing and it's also a great way to stay in touch with culture and history.

This first image is of THE BIG 5... In different sizes and structure. They are actually sculptures covered by glad on top.


This Next Piece is actually in Series form. As you can see, they are 5 pieces that join together to make one Big Beautiful Piece. Love it!


A Motherand her child Piece.


While this next photo is of a young Maasai Woman. The beauty mostly lies in their bead work, accessories and their way of life. Maasai People are very colorful even in terms


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