Inspirational pictures for artist (No.37 _Ithaca harbor in a cloudy day)

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Hello, my friends, today I decided to post a photo that I believe it's by its self a unique piece of art. The subject is about the lovely Odysseus Ithaca island and it's harbor in a cloudy day. The island as you might have read has a unique beauty with awesome beaches and a big variety of forest trees. This combination creates a unique atmosphere, that is really inspiring, relaxing and refreshing that really worth to painted it. The summer has come, and as you are in the begging of it, we all planing a place to visit and have a great time in our vacations. Have you ever consider to visit Ithace at your vacation? It's a destination that is really worth to visit it.
Greetings. Photo was taken from:

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Great picture.. I love the depth of focus it has.. As I scan across .. I see so many different aspects from the many boats to the way the hills change colors as you look across.. But most of all how the clouds come up off the screen..

Yes indeed it's really an awesome place to visit.

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