Bajos del Toro, Costa Rica

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A visit to the Cataratas del Toro, the foremost gorgeous water in Central American country, is AN expertise you’ll always remember. The water plunges down cliffs patterned in vivid color and splashes into a pool of attractive blue water framed by lushly burgeoning leaf. A hike round the water will reward even the hardiest adventurer with a strenuous climb, whereas providing AN on-the-ground read of flourishing plant and animal life. you will even see a painter — however use caution to not get too close!

Real Beauty of Costa Rica


Bajos del Toro, Costa Rica


Map of the Area


The name “Bajos del Toro” suggests that “low bull,” and facing down the cataract of a vast water will desire facing down a charging bull. There’s nothing like gazing the ability of nature head-on to make a deep sense of awe ANd marvel for the natural forces powering a whole lot upon thousands of gallons of water plunging through gravity in an endless flood.

Perfect Place for Hiking

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Cataratas del Toro and Costa Rica’s Waterfalls


Surfing in Costa Rica


Sports Fishing in Water


Birds & Lots of other spices live there


Explore Poás Volcano National Park

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