Unique Gibraltar - the South Gateway to Europe

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Gibraltar has always been a unique place on the map of the world.
Gibraltar, that's another world.
Strategic site

A small base on the Andalusian coast of southern Spain is at first sight a map of distraction from others. It would be like hundreds of similar places in the Iberian Peninsula, except for the little historical fact that Gibraltar is not Spanish but British.

This narrow piece of land has a tremendous strategic importance, and the British know it very well. It is the key to the Gibraltar Strait, the place that connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean and separates Europe from Africa. Until there was the Suez Canal, every ship making the adventurous discovery of the world had to move from the Mediterranean Sea to this place.

The British received Gibraltar in their hands in 1713 on the basis of the Utrecht peace treaty, which ended the war on the Spanish throne after the Spanish branch of the Habsburgs died. From this moment on, Gibraltar is as strategic as British crown, and today you are in the city as if you were walking through English streets, where you will find a typical Fish & Chips and a pint of dark beer rather than saffron and seafood or sangria.

How did Gibraltar come to your name?

Gibraltar captures rock slopes above the city up to 426 meters above sea level. It is the icon of this small part of the world with an area of ​​only 6.5 km2 and is visible from a distance. With little imagination, it was like a huge limestone ship sailing to nearby Africa, less than 20 miles away.

If Gibraltar wants to inspire a mysterious, magical atmosphere, it is very pleasing that the packing tip of its rock rises to a clump of clumps of cotton. Rock was always there, the only one who remembered everything that had happened around him.

In ancient times it was recognized as the place where Heraklov's column stands, as Plato claims to have found Atlantis. But Skala also remembers the reversal of history when it was founded by Arab captain Tarik ibn Zijad and in 711 under the wings of Islam conquered the Iberian peninsula. Its connection is still visible in Gibraltar, because since its arrival this place is called Djevel al-Tarik, Tárikina skala. The name of Gibraltar is a sign of his name.
Landing Airplanes as an Attraction?

Gibraltar has prepared a unique welcome for its visitors right after the entrance. Today, this place is available by air or on land from the Spanish town of La Línea de la Concepción. If you have a choice, choose a trip to the countryside and watch the theater.

Just beyond the borders, everything stops and at that moment you realize that you are standing on a landing runway of a local airport. Red lights come on at traffic lights, it will not be left for a long time, and a huge airplane will fly from nothing that gives its special noise the environment. Where else in Europe do you have such a chance to see from a nearby plane while waiting for the red?

The landing of the aircraft has become an interesting tourist attraction, so schedule your visit so that you can see this show with your own eyes. You have several attempts per day, but the most aircraft come here with the summer season.

One sees the fantastic atmosphere, but few realize that the Gibraltar airport is one of the most complicated in Europe and in the world competition is standing on a good street. The pilots here complicate the life of strong winds, which stray through the strait and a landing on a shorter landing path is a real professional.

For the sights of Gibraltar

A small harbor begins to unravel the old town under the rocks. It is a special blend with the flavor of Spain and Britain. Some streets are cut out of Spanish cities, but then old Victorian mailboxes and typical "London" telephone booths make a mistake.

The British really dropped the roots. English blends with Spanish and adds dozens of tongues or dialects to this small, tower of Babylon. Such a strategic site has always attracted many nations. Small coffee houses, food and restaurant businesses have stowed their tables and stools on the streets, and make the passers-by enjoy a pleasant seating. From the gibraltar streets you can feel the real comfort that prevails over the main artery of the city. She also has a British touch today, but it is the result of the 18th century, when the British said they would destroy the original Spanish buildings and create their home here. Without endless fog, rain and cool weather.

Sooner or later, everyone will end up in the heart of the city, Kazemat squares filled with life. If you think that Gibraltar is not about taking your sights, the city center can do the opposite. You can be lost here in the sidewalks that stop at nothing at the stone wall that once protected the city from possible attacks.

You will also discover the Church of Our Lady or even the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. It is fascinated by its architecture because no high bell tower or tower makes it, but rather a perfect blend of Christian and Islamic, Moorish style. The carved Oriental arches and tints at first glance can not even see you looking at the most important cathedral of Gibraltar. The martyr is deceiving the body because he would have little reason to argue that they built it only in 1832, a few centuries later than the oldest church in the city. The original souvenirs are exotic Gibraltar pounds, which you can exchange for the euro.
Scam with rocks

In addition to the monkeys, you can enjoy stunning panoramic views of the surroundings of the upper part of Skala. On one side, the eyes jump over the wild, abandoned, stone beaches with great waves, and on the opposite side see the streets of the city intertwine with old, historic brushing. Due to the prospect and therefore safe location, the fortress was built in the 8th century, which was several centuries old Maurov. Today there are only stone memories, but rock is still a place where the British Army has its seat.

Before leaving the rock, the monkey will come to the audition. Seda, watching where the distance goes, or what's going on, so they can go to their next bumpy run. Nothing is going on, and finally, little macaques appear on the scene, which had to be born only recently. Jokes, they are crazy and curious to look at each other.

Gibraltar is the place for unexpected meetings and perfect experiences that long resonate after you leave this exciting world.


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