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Oh, I'm so excited for you and selfishly for me, as Western CT (how far are you from Greenwich?) and NYC are still 4 hours away, it's a realistic distance and there are even trains from Boston.

I am excited to see what things you will do and what will be created in this new endeavor. I am also burning to see and know and help to create what could be next for we artists as this world moves deeper into the virtual.

Maybe jaunts to Boston would be fun for you too? We have some lovely museums and of course Toad Hall, as decrepit and run down as it is, still enjoys the joy of salt air and quiet in the Warm Summer months.

Again, I am so happy for you and well done on finding a place so soon. I love old New England houses. My place on the Cape that I now let in the Summer is that sort of place, it's 300 years old this year! Tiny but wide pine floors and open beamed ceiling and creaky old shallow stairs and narrow doorframes. I am tall and for many years I'd hit my head upon entering the bedroom at night, when I'd be half asleep and forget. I've never let new windows be put in that house either, they are still old single pane and when we lived there for a few years year round the icy patterns Jack Frost drew upon the upstairs landing always made me smile when I'd wake up and see my breath indoors!

But, these past winters, here at Toad Hall (an odd mid century affair) has made me not too joyful of New England winters. Yet, next winter, as I will not be here, you can bet it will be the warmest we've had in years. :)


I'm definitely looking forward to meeting up with you @donnadavisart and cooking up some endeavors together! This house is near Waterbury and about an hour east (and a little north) of Greenwich). I haven't been to Boston since I was about 13 and it will be fun to come and visit you and see your work space! I imagine over time we will meet both at your studio and at mine. When do you leave for the UK? I'd like to try to get together before you leave if possible.

These old houses have so many stories and your Cape house sounds like it is no exception! They are so charming, but yes cold and I really fear the winters in the Northeast. I hope for my sake that this coming winter is a gentle one and that for both our sakes that the next few years brings a cycle of mild weather although with climate change, I don't expect it!

I leave in October, so it might work out late Summer. Toad Hall (our decrepit mid century house here on the sea) is best in late Summer, we can eat veg from my garden and watch the sea. This old place needs SO much work, but my Summer studio in the old boat house is great for making messes in!

I haven't been to CT or NYC in years, so that is also exciting for me!

I'm going to try to come up for a late summer visit if possible and if things are too crazy we can do it in Sept. A boat house studio sounds so romantic!

Well, it might sound romantic, but it is a huge mess, and simply used to hold the families sailboats off season, now it is rather a mess of years of collected random things, but I am taking over a section (seaside) to really make a larger |Summer studio.

I hope you can come for Summer. Like I said August is the best month to come and I assume July when you move you are going to be quite busy.

Even though a mess, it's romantic. My childhood friend lived on the march in Guilford, CT and had a boathouse which was also a huge mess yet lovely so this is why I say "romantic". I'll definitely aim for August! Looking forward to it and thinking maybe it might be nice to start talking sooner via facetime as well?

I'm horrible with skype and those sort of things, but I'd happily email and such. I will facetime (though I've never done it) as long as you tell me how. :) We could start with emails, I'll find your message discord and give you my email.

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