#2 Beautiful Madeira - in the middle of the island 🏝️ ☀️ 🚗

in travel •  11 months ago

The island of Madeira has much to offer, nature and mountains delight with its beauty! ⛰️

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Nice lovely place
I wish to visit someday


It is worth going there, a beautiful place


wonderful and exciting video even more impressing was the scenery and the awesome island.


Looks amazing. Madeira is definitely on my list of places I'd like to visit before I die.


:) If we want something very much, it will happen. Good luck!

Hello Lifeofdream. I am a 19 year old high school student living in Korea. I have seen great videos and visited. Please show us a lot of cool videos in the future! I'm busy with studying so I can not always comment, but I know you are always looking good! I will follow you!😀😁

a joyful journey, while enjoying the beautiful nature. thanks @dominik.homa

Waw,, interesting video,, Hopefully you always success @ dominik-homa

From what I saw from yesterday's video it's a nice place! And let's not forget about your fresh fruits that also look delicious

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It's awesome.