Tatra mountains! 🦅 ⛰️ 🎥 One of the most beautiful places in Poland! 😃

in travel •  4 months ago

The film was shot from the Male Ciche. It is worth staying for a night in http://www.tatrzanskibor.pl/ 🗝️

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It’s so beautiful Look like a kashmir .... I wish I could have a drone and I could also capture such an amazing video in kashmir .... this is 100% nature beauty!!!


If you buy a drone, let me know that I will be happy to watch your films!

Amazing video.. I really like it .. a good story from your video


Thanks bro!

I like the way you make videos


You always give color in the video you share ,, I always drifted by seeing it,.


I'm glad you like it, thanks!


Your wlcme,, 😊

The neighborhood looks very quiet in fact it is nice to live, looks great! I would love to visit


The perfect place for a few days of rest :)