#1 Attractions in Madeira - Farmers Market "Mercado dos Lavradores" 🏝️ 😋 🥑

in travel •  3 months ago

In November 2017, together with my wife and 8-month old daughter, we went to Madeira.
We spent a whole month on this beautiful island.
I want to share some information with you.
Madeira is called an island of eternal spring or a floating garden. The temperature is friendly to plants and people all year round.
One of the attractions of the island is the Farmers Market "Mercado dos Lavradores", where you can buy delicious fresh fruits and vegetables.
More about this market here: http://www.visitmadeira.pt/en-gb/explore/detalhe/mercado-dos-lavradores-(farmers%E2%80%99-market)

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Cool video man, those fruits remind me of my trip to Sao Paulo!


Wonderful island. Thanks for the video.
So much fruit in our markets and will not meet.
I don't even know some of the names.
It looks delicious.

Thanks for showing me.
And the music was well chosen, @dominik.homa
With best wishes, @singa


Thanks @singa :)

I need to visit Madeira in next year :)) after your movie I just can’t wait :) looks delicious!


Yes, the island is beautiful, it has a lot to offer. In the next video I tried to capture the beauty of this place


Great :)) I am waiting too see your next movie from Madeira :)

Awesome trip @dominik.homa Where is the island? I looks so many various fresh fruit there, The video as usual with wonderful music, love to watching :)


Thanks :) This is a Portuguese island in the Atlantic Ocean


My pleasure, looks your post Dom, Many interesting place got it

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Thanks :) I am grateful!

The fruits look delicious and very fresh! Especially the atmosphere of the island, would be an excellent choice of travel, thanks for the video


The fruits taste different there, they are more tasty. Probably thanks to the fertile volcanic soil and mild climate

If only I had a good camera ,, really I would post also beautiful videos like @ dominik-homa.

yummy... yummy...
It's sound delicious.