Land of Volcanoes - New Zealand!

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There are a lot of volcanoes in New Zealand. Many of them are still very active. New Zealand lies at the edge of both the Australian and Pacific tectonic plates. For this reason, the country is exposed to earthquakes.
List of volcanoes:
List of earthquakes:

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Looking forward to visit the country!


It is worth going there. A captivating place on earth

very beautiful scenery @dominik.homa


Yes, New Zeland is beautiful...

Nice view. The only activ volcano that I have been close to was Mount Etna in Sicily. This year I am going to the volcano Etna in Naples (Italy).


I saw the Vesuvio in Italy, also a beautiful volcano

that's a really excellent picture my friend nice one 👍


Thank you!


No problem my friend 👌😎👍⚡♨️

Thank you for useful knowledge and photos, @dominik.homa .


You welcome @singa :)

Tolles Bild vom Vulkan🤗

@dominik.homa it's really dangerous if it's active and we are trekking nearby this volacoes 😔


Yes it's true

if still active volcano fear also if we live on the slopes of the mountain, if suddenly erupted


Yes, volcanoes can be scary

All these photos are from places you have visited or are photos taken from the internet to talk about them in the post? Either way they are very nice


Thanks @gvand. All photos that I put on my blog are made by me :)


I agree...nice pics...

Upvoted and followed..
I believe this is one of the most beautiful country on our planed...
Definitely worth visiting inspite of the volcanos haha..