#9 Beautiful Madeira 🏰 🌴⛲☀️ Monte Palace Tropical Garden!

in travel •  2 months ago

Beautiful gardens in the hills where you can feel peace and joy 😊
You can read more about this place here http://montepalace.com

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Loved it its serene and giving peace to soul

really beautiful gardens in the hills feel like we are in heaven


Really beautiful
Gardens in the hills feel like
We are in heaven

                 - sheikhiqra

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


nice font for my text

🍀Place of magic ❤️

Wonderful, you're no depleted offers natural beauty

really beautiful.
from the video alone we can feel the peace with such atmosphere.

I really enjoy your videos @ dominik.homa, garden full of greening, and the water flow is clear sagat fresh, as if by looking at your video, I was there, thank you for sharing.

They really are very beautiful gardens, nature as always giving us so beautiful places! Thanks for the information:D

beautiful and lovely place.
have good time my dear friend.