Hilton Hotel Taupo

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Hi steemit

This is the Hilton Hotel in Taupo, New Zealand. This time we stayed at the 3 bedroom apartment


Big apartment, over 100 square meters


The living room


The view


We can see the snow mountain and lake







Master bathroom


A really comfortable place to stay with big rooms and the view is really nice too

Thank you for viewing


Wow it's amazing! I think your daughters are happy and enjoying with this experience! Nice photography and thanks for sharing such wonderful experiences with us!


thank you theguruasia, everything was great in this hotel, very enjoyable

Looks like the best of two worlds, feels like home and exotic location at the same time.

thank you edkarnie, i think this is the best hotel in the area, nice location and room

Very nice accommodations...nice for the family.

thank you floridanow, yes it's nice to fit the whole family in one hotel room

@djohan, TherHilton Hotel in Taupo Superior place to stayed. Yep...It's big apartment. So very clean and glad to hear 3 bathrooms indeed. Outstanding view to the room. Best animation gif created. Kids enjoyed much there.

thank you madushanka, yes the kids could enjoy and run around the apartment

The view and the living room simply amazing i mean you can enjoy with the view while you eat some snacks and share time in family :)

thank you dim753, yes the outdoor area was quite big, also the sliding door can be opened if you want to enjoy view from the sofa

Wow! Nice!
I didn't know hotels have this kind of apartments. It must be super expensive.

thank you freedomshift, it's around 3 times the normal hotel room, but you get triple the size so it's worth it

The apartment is very large! You could have a mini jogging round in it! The view is very nice with mountains in the distance! The air must be very fresh!

A very good choice! With a kitchen too!

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thank you kaminchan, yes the kids played hide and seek, the air very fresh, behind is forest

Wow amazing hotel.the great enjoy family and excellent photography.
Thanks @djohan
Have a great day

thank you goldcoin, yes this apartment is really worth the price

Amazing place so much big and luxarious with beatiful view. Thanks for sharing nice pics and gif images @djohan

thank you kamchore, yes the hotel apartment is huge and comfortable

@djohan, Awesome Hotel Room for sure and in my opinion these rooms holds the Classy Look and for sure the main aspect is outer view. And i strongly believe that no matter which Hotel Business they will focus more upon the outer view because natural view can give the breathtaking essence and people prefer to stay where they can see beautiful and natural view. And in these pictures i can see that children are also showcasing the happiness essence.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

thank you chireerocks, yes the view makes the whole apartment feels much more comfortable, the children really enjoyed the large room to play

Welcome and good to hear these words. 🙂

Hello @djohan, I really like this

Very cute

thank you martha75, she really enjoyed the hotel

Nice bedroom, bathroom, leaving room.
Nice view outside the hotel .

thank you spiritualpower, yes everything was nice in this hotel

Awesome hotel form inside and outside .
Good hotel .

thank you pardeepkumar, yes we really enjoyed everything in this hotel

The place is simple and so unique the Hilton Hotel is impressive great views great stay you had :D

Hilton hotel is very nice ..Nice rooms and bathroom.

A 3 BR seems quite intense. I have a credit card and they give me free reward points! I love the Hilton.