High Sierra Adventures - Snowboarding at Mammoth Mountain

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Mammoth Mountain

An unforgettable name... an unforgettable place.

And as you might think with a name like that it is quite a massive mountain. Made of volcanic rock and often covered in snow Mammoth Mountain is 11,059' tall. And while that sounds high it is actually a low point in the even more massive Sierra Crest. But being the low point in the crest and Mammoth's placement at the head of the Middle Fork of the San Joaqiun river makes the snow conditions there ideal! So in 1953 Dave McCoy founded the Mammoth Ski Resort, the highest ski resort in California, and the rest is history.

The Panorama Gondola

For the last some odd number of years I've been lucky enough to make a week long trip to snowboard at Mammoth each year! Tickets are really expensive and it keeps getting more expensive every year. But lucky for me my mom (@doverland) and my uncle get season passes which have allowed them to get discounts for me so it's not so bad. Some years there isn't much snow and the rocks and trees are sticking out all over, other years the whole town is buried in 20+ ft of fresh snow. Either way we always have lots of fun, and this last year was no exception!

Digging out my truck after a storm

Cool looking icicles outside the front window

Mom and I on chair 9
*photo by @doverland

Views from chair 8

Views from chair 22

Me, my uncle, my mom, and my other uncle on top of the mountain
*photo by @doverland

Mom skiing on the top of the mountain

Mom getting ready to drop in for a run

My uncle, my mom, and I riding chair 10

Me snowboarding in a blizzard

Panorama of Mammoth mountain from McCoy station

So unfortunately for next year they have greatly reduced the discount my mom has been able to get me... so... I'm just getting my own season pass!! Heck ya, why not? I love getting out in the snow. And while I don't do the big jumps or tricks or any of that crazy kid stuff, I can shred! I can handle even the most technical runs, and always love a good challenge. But get me hauling butt down a wide open run on a sunny day... oh man... I love going fast!! Give me a cold snowy powder day and I'll be exploring all over in and out of the trees finding that perfect line through the fresh untouched powder! Just thinking about it makes me fiend for a run, I love it! And I'm hoping that with my own pass, next season will be the best one yet! And with that I'll leave you with a fun video that I made from our trip to Mammoth in 2013... enjoy!!

youtube-logo.jpg Youtube video -



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*All photos and videos by @derekrichardson unless otherwise noted


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What an epic trip @derekrichardson!!! - and YOUR POOR TRUCK haha :)


Haha I'm surprised he even found his truck. That thing looked BURIED lol. Great post @derekrichardson!


Thank you @jaynie! Thank you @steveeats! The whole parking lot was totally buried after that storm. Here's my truck before I started digging... just a bump in the snow.


Amazing photos. Lots of snow where the truck was partially buried.
The downhill slopes look big and scary! Your Mom is brave to tackle that deep hill. I have gone cross country skiing ⛷.


Thanks @redheadpei! That was a good size storm that buried my truck. Over 3ft in one night! My mom is even more gnarly than me when it comes to skiing. She can tear up any slope on the mountain! Thanks for reading my post!

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I salute to see your uncle, I laugh.
I think your uncle is very cool with a loose smile on his face in very cold temperatures :D :D

Mammoth is always fun! I used to go more often a few years back, I need to get my mountain fix soon! So glad to hear you all enjoyed yourselves :)

There's a bad ass hot springs just outside of Mammoth. It's on Google. Little Hot Creek Springs... Bring beer. Bring weed. Clothing is optional.


Haha, heck ya! I've been to a few of the hot springs south of Mammoth there, but not that one. I'll have to check it out next time I'm up there. Campout at the springs in between my peak bagging adventures!


There's free camping all over the place.. there's like 9 hot springs in that area.. trust me i'm sending you to the best one.. there's even internet and cell service on top of the hill

Wow! Those are some great pictures. It looks sooooooo cold!! So much snow on top of your car! Amazing! I haven't been skiing in over 20 years. I wonder how my body would handle it. Thankfully Panama doesn't have any snow, so I have no way of knowing any time soon. ;)

Wow, what beautiful pictures. There’s nothing like a bright, clear day spent in snowy mountains. Thanks for sharing. :)

OMG it looks so great.I am sure this was a once in a life experience!!

What an exciting adventure you had. I love the view as well.

It's been years since I made it up there in the snow/winter. This post brings back memories of my days working for Breeze Rentals. Free passes to most of the resorts. Copper, Breck, Vail, etc. Powder like I've never seen before. I would take a fall and start laughing. :)

O my gosh...that's certainly some different scenery than here in SoCal! Enjoy the snow! :)

Did. Not. Know. You. Snowboard. Crazy cool!

Your mom looks so cool sking there


She's a badass when It comes to skiing!!

Now I want to go snowboarding again;d


That's what I'm saying! Writing this post just made me want to hit the slopes again!

What a great post. You made me want to ski and never have. I live in Colorado crazy I know. Great photo with the family.

Heya, just swinging by to let you know you're being featured in our Daily Travel Digest!


Who hoo! That's awesome, thank you @steemitworldmap! Resteemed it!

I can hardly believe this mountain is in California! So much snow...and spectacular views!
Also stopping by to say that you have been featured and curated for MSP Community Curation: Top Five 'Positive PAL Posts' - Week #15



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Thank you @ocd! You have supported me since WAY back. I really appreciate it. You've got my vote!

That mountain looks like so much fun! Those pictures of snow look so pretty. Upvoted :)

Look at that. So bright and snowy. Nice place. Awesome pictures!

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@derekrichardson I love the scenery! Makes me want to go out and ski!