The Charming Little Danish Town of Solvang, California

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Go right ahead and eat that danish pastry, you're in Solvang, California!


Solvang bakery crop.jpg

Isn't the bakery cute? It's one of what seems about a dozen bakeries here.

And they have windmills! I'm assuming that means there are windmills in Denmark too, and these are copies of them. I didn't actually see any of the windmills spinning. Perhaps because there is hardly any wind in Southern California; or perhaps because they are replicas of real windmills and just for decoration...not spinning. At any rate, they are cute, so we don't mind, right?



They welcome both you and your credit card to their unique shops where you will buy things that you never normally would, except that you are in Solvang and pretending to be Danish for a day, so you buy things like 2 inch porcelain windmills that do not spin.


Another pic of the windmill...because you can never have too many.


Husband @joechiappetta by the windmill, because he was there that day too. Those are mountains in the background. Pretty cool Solvang!


What did I tell you, baked goods everywhere!


And horses! Watch out for their poop on the street.


And more baked goods!!!


This is @joechiappetta having a momentary lapse of reason, wondering if he should pay $400 for a cuckoo clock that reminds him of his trip to Germany many decades ago. It seemed like all the clocks were made in Germany. I don't know what that has to do with DENMARK and the DANISH town of Solvang, but you know, I'm just a tourist, so what do I know? Not much. Only enough to get @joechiappetta out of the clock shop before any poor financial decisions were made. Just kidding! Honestly, I'm the one who would be more likely to fork over hundreds of dollars for a cute "heirloom" clock, imagining my yet non-existent future grandchildren hanging it on their wall after I have passed.


They also have clock towers! No reason to be late around here!


And to end your day, you can visit ANOTHER bakery and get a history lesson in Danish royalty through the years. What did I learn? Most of them were named Frederick. Really. Many, many Fredericks. So come hang out with "Fred" and his buds and take a trip to Solvang, California ;)

And thanks @dswigle for the #MarketFriday fun!



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Oh, this was such a fun post, wasn't it? You always put the best posts together and make it into an event!

What is up with windmills that don't work? Seriously!

Oh, those baked goods, everywhere you went! Did you cave in and eat one? Cuckoo Clocks are one of my weaknesses. I lived in Europe for years and bought 5 of different sizes and styles. One if about four feet tall. I want you to know that they are as expensive there as they are here! So yes! That was a deal.

Can you believe it?

Wonderful post! Thank you so much for your awesomeness!

Upped and Steemed



Thanks so much for the encouraging words Denise :) Good to know that cuckoo clocks are expensive everywhere, not just in Southern California (where everything is ALWAYS expensive ) All the best to you!

What a charm that place has! Makes you feel like everyone knows each others name and they all go to a church on Sunday!


:) Hehehehe... That was good!


True... From what I remember, the population is around 5 or 6 thousand. That's pretty small, so you may be right ;)

First off, I have to say that you have a beautiful family!! Second, this place looks awesome! Definitely a place I would love to visit some day! Thanks for sharing your visit!!


Thanks @deerjay! SoCal has so many great places to visit. Definitely a worthy destination for an adventure!


You're very welcome and I'm glad to, at least, see it through your posts! It does look like a great place!!

Pretty amazing place that was to check out and big thanks for sharing it with us all :D


As always, thanks so much @blazing ;)

What a quaint and charming place looks like so much fun to visit there


Yes! Next time you feel like leaving Milford, CT and trekking across the country, come for a visit :)

Few Europe moved to California. I really like the ironic and fun way you wrote this blog.


Thanks so much @bluemoon! I appreciate that. Your tag line, "a pessimist who likes optimism" is interesting. Following you now.


My pleasure, @denisechips! I'm glad you like my tag line, it's true, that's the way I am. Thanks for following, I'm following you also, of course!

It looks like an interesting little "tourist trap." Been past the "Lompoc/Solvang" exit on the 101 many times, but it has always been "on the way to somewhere" so never stopped.

I don't know what cuckoo clocks have to do with Denmark, either...



Hi @curatorcat! Solvang is definitely worth a little detour. Even if it's just for an ice cream cone. (The ice cream shop has a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger eating his ice cream there, lol!) I agree with you, the web is for cat videos ;) Following you now.

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