Liquid Stranger, LSDREAM, Champagne Drip, G-Rex, and Lucii - Sun, 2-10-19 - Cincinatti, OH/Newport, KY

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This blog details everything you must know about my upcoming travels to experience a live EDM show in Cincinatti.


DATE : Sunday, 2/10/19 - Cincinatti, OH/Newport, KY

@ Thompson's House (Facebook)

From 7PM-1230AM


Tickets : (Link)

- Price : $25

Facebook Event : (Link)


AirBnb (LINK)

- Price : $29, one night -



Liquid Stranger (Spotify)

- Song : “Burn Like the Sun" -

LSDREAM (Spotify)

- Song : “Shadow Self” -

Champagne Drip (Spotify)

- Song : “Nerf This" -

G-Rex (Spotify)

- Song : “Heretic" -

Lucii (Spotify)


Liquid Stranger, LSDREAM, Champagne Drip, G-Rex, and Lucii Playlist (on Spotify)


- Map Info -










Best Regards,



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That is a great price for an airbnb. Looks like this is going to be quite a big event.

Yea you really cannot beat getting two full sized beds for less than $30. Planning ahead early helps find the best deals when searching for available homes to stay at.

I estimate anywhere from 500-100 people. I have not been to this venue before, so I am not sure how many tickets they will sell. This however is a very promising lineup. Liquid Stranger is a seasoned veteran when it comes to being a DJ & Producer.
Plus he has along all of the artists on his label Wakaan (



Liquid Stranger is always one of my top artists to jam out to or dj/remix!

Mine too! He’s also one of the best performers I have witnessed.
Have you listened to his newest release “Burn Like the Sun”?
It’s linked in a YouTube video on this post. It is totally worth a listen, very rhythmic.

Skimmed over this and still have no clue what it's about...

It is about an upcoming music event. There is music for each artist that is performing.
I also showed photos oh a house I am renting, with a link that allows you to rent the same house.

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It will Really Great Event For Peoples Who love travel

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