He$h & Bommer - Fri, 3-29-19 - Columbus, OH

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This blog details everything you must know about my upcoming travels to experience a live EDM show in Columbus.


DATE : Saturday, 3/29/19 - Columbus, OH

@ Skully's Music Diner (Facebook)

From 8PM-2AM


Tickets : (Link)

- Price : $15

Facebook Event : (Link)


AirBnb (LINK)

- Price : $49, one night -

airbnb-columbus copy.JPG


He$h (Spotify)

- Song : “Got That Juice" -

Bommer (Spotify)

- Song : “Yasuo” (VIP) -


He$h & Bommer Playlist (on Spotify)


- Map Info -

columbus-map copy.jpg







mega-thumbnail copy.jpg





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To the 1199 accounts who have upvoted this, seriously? You need to read more in my opinion


I think most of them are frontrunning the bots. Most of the posts on trending have a lot of upvotes with very little engagement. Sometimes reesteem services create a lot of fake votes as well.


Think you forgot the flag. Someone just mentioned this post may be repeated so looking into that as that would probably constitute spam as well.

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I removed the two flags on the two posts as it was suggested I maybe making a mis-judgement. However....if we look again on trending now (1750 UTC)....Wednesday

Dude, open venue for an EDM show available in Victoria Falls...just dreaming!


That sound a like a great dream!
I wish I had one where I live too. I drive 3-4 hours to go to big venues.

Plz tell the deadline of this Offer? and any one plays any kind of games? let me know and don't forget to check daily gaming update here- https://www.skgamerplays.ooo

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lol how many of these accounts do you have ?


Possible astroturfing? Look at all the dupe comments. :/

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@anthonyadavisii There seem to be many similar accounts doing comments right now, similar style of profile and picture as well as rep in early to mid 30s and opened june/july 2018 . Just keep your eyes open when you're reading, they crop up all over.