Quote of the day: “Climb mountains not so the world can see you but so you can see the world.”

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Dear Steemit friends and followers,

With the weekend being over soon and the new week ahead of us, let me take this moment to share one of my favorite travel quotes with you.

Source: Alexandra's Glass Half Full, author: unknown

“Climb mountains not so the world can see you but so you can see the world.”

What do you think of this interesting quote, my fellow Steemians? I do not know how old this quote is but I think it has never been more topical than it is now when so many people seem to travel only to take that shot to post it on social media. It does feel like these people travel rather to be seen than to actually see those places. What is your experience?

Let me know in the comments below, I am looking forward to your stories and experiences :)

Have a great start to the new week and Steem on!

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It is a great quote with a big message that always keep your roots in ground no matter how high you go. Climbing mountain is just like a success you achieve in life. It is often seen that after achieving success people forget their relatives and surrounding people so we should abstain from this behavior. There's nothing in our hand if we achieve high position and touch the sky there is a chance we can fall into the ground so give respect to your relatives and surroundings and be humble to them.
If we take as tourist point of view l. It is good if you enjoy more rather than taking pic for social media. Your priority should be your enjoyment.
Thanks for sharing such a nice quote czechglobalhosts


Thank you for stopping by and leaving a thoughtful comment.

Well I am in love with this quote.

Make Travelling or climbing your passion, not your profession. if you make it profession you won't be able to enjoy it at full. So do a job, earn some money and then when you have enough, Start travel without having the tension of the boss, other tension of life. just leave them behind and enjoy the travel.
Thanks for sharing this wonderful quote tomas :)


That's the way:)....


yeah, that's the only way my friend :)

Its a meaningful quote. Reality of the world is related to this quote. We are nothing world can not see us if we climb to the mountain. But if we climb to mountain we can see the world. A huge reality hidden in this sentence. You are posting this type of quite, its show that you are the person who beleive on hard work.


Yep, absolutely.... the hard work is only the beginning of the great future:)... Have a good one!


Yes. Absolutly. Thanks you feed back. Have a good time.


Yes. Absolutly. Thanks you feed back. Have a good time.

Absolutely love this quote.

"Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world."

It came from this graduation speech:

Very good phrase! I had heard this in a movie “Life's a climb. But the view is great.” . I have visited many mountains with really incredible views, I just capture some photos to remember the moments, the best part is to contemplate and enjoy the landscape. Within this prayer there are many things and next to which I am quoting I can tell you that as we climb that mountain called life, we see the world with different eyes.


You do have some amazing pics as a prove of it, that's for sure:)... Wishing you many more happy trips!

It is possible that it is an old phrase and it is true what you say that is in force today more than ever, they say that the best moments are those that are not published and it is true, it is important to nourish oneself and be filled with the moments and experiences. I have seen that many people do not even enjoy food, they just take pictures. They do not enjoy the people they love and have next to them and life is so short that it happens very fast. Thank you for reminding us of this appointment.

It's a little sad that the author of this beautiful quote is unknown.

This quote has tremendous spiritual value. To be able climb a mountain is a great feat. To do that not for the recognition but for the vision that it would grant rates much higher in my eyes.

A man and his struggle can take him far and wide. A man can gain a lot of fame after the struggle and deservedly so. But it would be a shame if he remains blind to what lies in front his eyes and not in front of his ego.

Great phrase. Climbing a mountain is much more than reaching the top. It requires a lot of learning and everyone gets different experiences. There are many obstacles we can find but the satisfaction on arrival makes you forget all the above. I think that what you can get to live doing this translates into seeing the world.

Climb mountains not so the world can see you but so we can see the world.
Thanks for sharing your perceptions. @czechglobalhosts

Hello @czechglobalhosts I think it depends on each person, since the two options are valid: travel to take beautiful pictures, and photograph while enjoying a trip. Now certainly there must be a balance.

From my experience I can share, that when I use the camera a lot, it is as if I want to take everything for my memories, sometimes I feel that I run out a little, and leave aside the detail of enjoying a good company, or a good joke, for being aware of taking beautiful photos. For this reason, I believe that balance is an important part of life, and we can do everything we like, but without neglecting the human aspect.Good greetings

Good energy. Con todo cariño L3M

Great writing and imagination dear. This is a very significant post as this will serve as a motivation and would inspire many people out there to achieve success. The saying was just a blast I tell you. Great article in particular

Well said. We should never care if people think anything of us, but continue doing what your like and that your are good at. Never care about people dirty talks.

This quote is a great source of motivation and inspiration. You are right many people are just crazy to share their visit on the social media and doesn't enjoy the place's beauty. That's what we call craziness. They keep posting even if they just move an inch, which is ridiculous.

Hi @czechglobalhosts

Re-steem and Upvote

It is a great quote to keep ourselves motivated and it somehow forces us to keep visiting our favorite places. In my opinion there are both sides of the story. People shot pictures to save the memories of the places to cherish later. On the other side, if they will keep them busy in just capturing the shots they will miss the actual beauty of those places.

Didn't knew that quote! But had heard a similar one, which is one of my favourites: "We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us". And true, sometimes it seems that we are more interested in documenting what we are doing or seeing rather than just enjoying the moment... I think it's just a matter of balance; as for me, I try to enjoy more and more before grabbing my camera :)

You got a point here ... we are focused on sharing more on social media rather than enjoying the scenery. But I believe there is nothing bad in killing two birds with one stone :p I would loke to mention here that I am not a social media addict and hardly share my life activity on social media.

i really like that quote i will remember it next time i will climb a mountain in a trip!

Great quote!

Happy Sunday Steemians, this appointment is super interestingIn, because the moments that we live, we should never lose hope, nor should we stop dreaming. We are always in time to enjoy it and the ideal is to share it with our loved ones, so the important thing is not that the world sees us, but what we really are and what we wantshow others.

It is a quote when reflected on can change the way people do things. When people go places, they should ensure they create value there and even after their departure they will still be remembered for the love shown to the people around there

Steemit's not the right place for this quote, me seems. This is a place where it's almost only about being seen (& paid), not much more...

You should send this quote to all those flexers nowadays

This is such a beautiful quote. We deserve to be seen by the world, to showcase our beauties.

Yeah so true. And it's just not applicable to Travel. But represents a microcosm in Life. You see so many people hungry for power, fame, and fortune. And it's so superficial when it's obvious they just have a thirst for the limelight and 'being seen' .

As a person who has been a "drummer to his own beat" I will never understand this mentality. At all !!! It's bizarre to me.

Just a sad way to live Life, imho

Thank you for sharing this @czechglobalhosts

Just what I was looking for today.