Prague/Czech Republic - Monday photo challenge - share your personal pictures from your visit to the Czech Republic!

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Hello fellow Steemians,

I hope you are all having a great day! :) As usually, I am here with my daily photo challenge where you can submit your personal images from your travels to Prague and other locations in the Czech Republic in the comment section below.

The best 15 entries of the day will get my upvote. I will then pick the absolute winner of the day from these 15 photos. The winning photo will be awarded with a bigger upvote and it will also be featured as the cover image for the challenge post the next day to give the author of the winning shot some more exposure and publicity.

Don’t forget to add a short background story for your entry with at least 30 words and let me just remind you one more time that only personal images will be accepted in the challenge.

There were many great entries submitted in the yesterday Prague/Czech Republic photo challenge and I had a hard time picking the best one. After a deliberate consideration, however, I decided to choose the following entry by @softa:

For today I chose a classic picture from Hradčanské Square. You can see the Archbishop's Palace, Matthias Gate and St. Vitus Cathedral. The only time a square is without people is early in the morning. I made this photo in May last year on my way to work.

Click on the image for a large view

I rewarded @softa winning entry with some extra upvote. Feel free to visit his blog and check out some of his other photos.

Thank you for your submissions. Have a great day and keep on Steeming!

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Sad news for the film industry: Milos Forman, one of greatest Czech film directors, died at 86

Quote of the day: "No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow."

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Prague/Czech Republic - Sunday photo challenge - share your personal pictures from your visit to the Czech Republic!

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I accidentally gave an old touch to this Olomouc picture that I took in 2007, and I though that was nice to leave it like this. Olomouc is one of most beautiful cities I've ever been and walking through its streets was like having a time travel to past centuries.

I am glad to see Olomouc entering the contest. It sure is a hidden gem of the Northern Moravian part of the Czech Republic that deserves way more attention. What a great entry to be featured today. Tomas

Thanks Tomas!!

Photo of buildings facing the river Vlatava during the “golden hour”, their reflections can be seen on the river waters. The image shows the eclectic mixture of architectonic styles that there are in constructions of the city. Even though the majority of the buildings in the image are from the second half of the XIX century.

One of the unconventional views of the Prague right-side agglomeration.
The view from the Palacky Bridge features the Jirásek Bridge, the Žofín Palace on Slovanský ostrov and the National Theater in the background. On the right is the water tower that survived the Swedish siege of Prague during the Thirty Years' War.

I do not know the exact spot from where this picture was taken, but I know it was January 17th 2017. I was walking my dog with a friend and Palava Hills were looking so beautiful, so I had to take a picture.



I really like the great Czech beer. It was interesting to learn how to make beer. Therefore, on one of the pre-Christmas days, we decided to visit a brewery in the city of Plzeň. In the photo there is a Christmas market in the central square.

Today I want to share with you guyz a romantic place at Troja Bridge, Hlavní Město Praha, Czech Republic. Such an beautiful place & Torja Bridge is so long & especially night view was awesome here. Honestly said I will go here for captured photographs for your contest. I take more pictures at Torja Bridge. If you like these one then i will share others photographs to others day. Thank You buddy.


Railway station Prague-Vysehrad,
The Czech Republic has a good concept of monument conservation. And that's why most of the monuments are kept in good condition. But we have slow judgments ...
This building, a state-protected cultural monument built in 1905 in Art Nouveau style, is a moment before the fall.
The building has not been used as a railway station since 1960. It was reconstructed in 1980-89. But the reconstruction did not work.
In 1990, the building was sold to a speculator. Who sold it and sold it again ... And now there are litigation. And the building is dilapidating ... Fortunately, this is at least a very exceptional situation in Prague.

Lovoš, Czech Republic, 2016

This is view from the mountain Lovoš in north part of Czech Republic. I went there for a walk during rainy day in October, so it was obvious that nobody will be there.

Brno Dragon and The Wheel are most known historical legends from the history of this second biggest city of Czech Republic. As the legend talks about dragon, unfortunately it's only a crocodile. Both the dragon and the wheel you can find in Old Town Hall, right in the city centre of Brno.

After his murder on 8 December 1980, John Lennon became a pacifist hero for many young Czechs. An image of Lennon was painted on a wall in a secluded square opposite the French embassy (there is a niche on the wall that looks like a tombstone), along with political graffiti and Beatles lyrics.


I really like that place královská obora stromovka. One of the most beautiful parks in Prague, mainly after the reconstruction of the lakes. My favourite place in the town. Very nice park for a walk on a nice day . Trams terminate here so easy to get to from town centre.

A Beautiful place at Loket, karlovarský kraj, czech republic. It is surrounded on many sides by the Ohře river with lots of colorful building. Its a historical place & very good for travelers. We are go here for our weekend tour with my family. Thank you so much for your prague contest, that's why i can share my photos here.

masarykova univerzita.jpg

Masaryk University is based in Brno, Czech Republic and has nine faculties. It is the second highest school in the Czech Republic in number of students and accredited careers. It was founded in 1919 at the request of President Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk. She was born as a younger sister and at the same time "rival" of the Carolina University of Prague, until then the only Czech university.

I love the architecture of Prague and that is one reason I go there every opportunity I get. One of the strangest "architectural" things I have seen there so far is this one... at first it looked like something done for a movie, but since it was the only building in the street, I think it was just some major remodeling...



The Natural Monument Panská skála is situated near the town of Kamenický Šenov in district Česká Lípa. The maximum height is 590 meters above sea level, so it's a breathtaking view from the outside. Rock starred in several films, such as The Proud Princess from 1952, or Merlin from 2011.

What a great place! I have made a post about it few weeks back.

This is how I approached Prague castle the very first time. I walked through the park on the north side, looked up, and there it was, rising up from behind a row of trees. I really like this view because it is much less urban and touristy than the city side, and it has the mysterious beauty of a fairy tale castle.


just outstanding...........
keep it up

One of the best place at Poděbrady.
The spa town of Poděbrady is a picturesque place to live, but its just as pleasant for outings & recreation & last but here is not least spa therapies and wellness relaxation activities. The town lies in the central Polabi region just under 50 km from Prague. Its a very amazing place.

Is this your personal picture? Only personal images are accepted for the challenge. Kindly advice and provide ownership to your image. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Tomas

yes this is my persnoal picture. i read your post first then i join your contest with my personal photographs. If you want prove then tell me i will share to your next post with my own photographs or selfie. is that do here?

This picture was taken during our Christmas vacation in 2016. It's in Prague. "Orloj" Clock at Old Town Square. No matter when I am in Prague, in this place I always come over. The tower is now under reconstruction. I hope that one day she will shine properly again.


Always beautiful in the eyes of every photo object you post here :)

One of the beautiful picture

This place is really amazing. I was there at least 5 times

Piękne miejsce. Pozdrawiam z Polski

You have selected a very nice photo. Michal is a talented photographer.

wow this is really amazing

Hradcanske Square looks amazing in the morning.
Best of luck for the participants. I have never visited mentioned places, else I could have made my entries.
Anyway superb👍👍

posting beautiful and creative