ColorChallenge - Green Thursday - @pradeepdee6 in 7 World's Continents Photo Challenge!

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Hello everyone,

Let me introduce you to a great Steemian and contributor to my daily 200 Steem 7 World's Continents Photo Challenge, an amazing photographer @pradeepdee6. Let's give him some recognition and a shout out. In combination with the color challenge, it is a great place to highlight his photo skills and give his hard work some extended publicity and appreciation.

For today's color challenge I picked his entry below:

Vanivilas Sagar Dam. The mountains are the natural walls for the Dam. The Dam is located in the state of Karnataka a south Asian State in India. The Dam built here is the oldest Dam of the state. The series of wind mills installed are to harness the fastest blowing winds. The electricity produced of the windmills is the second largest of India.


To give @pradeepdee6 a little support, I am upvoting one of his recent posts. Feel free to join me.

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Thanks a lot for featuring the photograph 😊😊

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