Big update of the 7 World´s Continents Photo Challenge

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Hi everyone!

I decided to make some major changes in my 7 World´s Continents Photo Challenge so let me inform you about them in this post.

Image source: Pixabay (Creative Commons)

The schedule of the contest will be same as before:

• Sunday: Asia
• Monday: Australia and New Zealand
• Tuesday: Antarctica + World’s Oceans
• Wednesday: Africa
• Thursday: Europe
• Friday: North America
• Saturday: South America

Rewarding entries will be also same as before - best 10 entries will get a 10% upvote each, other entries will get a 5% upvote each but out of those best 10 entries, one winner and one runner-up will be picked. Their entries will be shared on Appics in separate posts and they will receive my upvotes on their posts as the reward. The winner will get my 100% upvote and the runner-up will get my 50% upvote on Steemit and on Appics too if their posts were posted through Appics. Therefore, it is better for the participants to be also active on Appics as they can get double payouts (it will be easier for me to find their posts if they use the same username on Steem and Appics).

Also, to keep the contest as fair as possible, there will be no weekly, monthly and yearly winners anymore as the Steem price swings made competing in the weekly, monthly and yearly rounds of the contest a bit difficult and unfair sometimes.

I hope these changes will make the contest more attractive to the competitors.

Thank you everyone for your continuous support and participation!


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That all sounds pretty good when do these updates come in forced. Will the weekly, monthly and yearly winners still be awarded till the end of this year ?

I must look into this Appics it seems to be big talk now but i still don't know what it is all about do you have link to Appics ?

And thank you for continuing this awesome contest have a great New Year @czechglobalhosts :))

All the contests including yearly winner will be awarded for the year 2019. New rules coming into play starting today. Kindly google appics and the link will come right at you.

Great thanks for the info and i will do that.

Have a great new year @czechglobalhosts :))

Sounds great. I must admit, I do not know what Appics is though, so i'll look into this.

You definitely should! Great dapp for sharing images. Just imagine Instagram but getting monetized for your content.

This is a great contest I have been participating and love it. All the changes are good as ther are two steemians getting rewarded 😊

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Great to know you are happy with the changes.

Hi Tomas, good morning. Every change is always for good. Thank you for directing this great project. Congratulations, much success. May this year 2020 be very successful for everyone. Happy 2020 year Tomas. A big hug

Thank you so much! All the best to you and your family in 2020.

I just joined APPICS and came across your challenge. A cool challenge/contest, especially for APPICS due to the photo centric nature of that service! Wondering how to enter the contest? Is this through a special tag? Post title? Something else?

I use different user name at APPICS, but I may only enter with my APPICS posts anyway, making Steem and APPICS usernames the same in that case :)