Prague/Czech Republic - Saturday photo challenge - share your personal pictures from your visit to the Czech Republic!

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Hello fellow Steemians,

I hope you are all having a great day! :) As usually, I am here with my daily photo challenge where you can submit your personal images from your travels to Prague and other locations in the Czech Republic in the comment section below.

The best 15 entries of the day will get my upvote. I will then pick the absolute winner of the day from these 15 photos. The winning photo will be awarded with a bigger upvote and it will also be featured as the cover image for the challenge post the next day to give the author of the winning shot some more exposure and publicity.

Don’t forget to add a short background story for your entry with at least 30 words and let me just remind you one more time that only personal images will be accepted in the challenge.

There were many great entries submitted in the yesterday Prague/Czech Republic photo challenge and I had a hard time picking the best one. After a deliberate consideration, however, I decided to choose the following entry by @jjprac:

The visit of this mountain named Bořeň in northern Bohemia by the town of Bílina was really impressive. I went there in the spring when plenty of protected plants bloomed. Bořeň is the largest phonolite formation in Central Europe (539m) and looking out of its summit is like looking out of the plane.

Návštěva této hory jménem Bořeň v severních Čechách u města Bílina byla opravdu působivá. Vyrazil jsem tam na jaře, kdy kvetlo plno chráněných rostlin. Bořeň je největší znělcový útvar ve střední Evropě (539m) a vyhlížet z jeho vrcholku je jako dívat se z letadla.


I rewarded @jjprac entry with some extra upvote. Feel free to visit his blog and check out some of his other entries.

Thank you for your submissions. Have a great day and keep on Steeming!

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Cathedral of St. Vitus

This is a truly wonderful and breathtaking Cathedral. The stained glass windows are spectacular especially in the early morning and the ceilings and general architecture are amazing. You can also go up the tower which has an awesome view but you pay extra for that. If you get the chance to come back at night it is beautiful.


View of the Prague-Libeň Railway Station (Nádraží Praha-Libeň in the Czech language), a mainline railway station located in the Prague neighborhood of Libeň. First opened in 1845, the station now serves approximately 1 million passengers every year.


Beautiful view from Petrin tower
Amazing views from the tower we really enjoyed it and coffee shop at the bottom of the tower was lovely as well and inexpensive.
The hill walking up to the tower was extremely steep so beware only walk up the hill if you are fit enough to, a lot of people struggled with how steep it was. We found out after there was a train that goes up the hill.


The fulcrum of the city is surely Old Town Square, imposing, orderly, rich in history thanks also to the facade of the church of Our Lady of Tyn. For some crazy pictures, the rooftop of the U Prince hotel which, not only does it make use of the kitchen of an executive chef and so have lunch, but it also offers the opportunity to enjoy an excellent aperitif and enjoy a magnificent view of the city.

It is a small square in Cesky Krumlov, where Renaissance and Baroque buildings are gathered together to create a cute square. The Cesky Chrom ropes are so small that it's almost impossible to avoid visiting. Even if I take a picture, it comes out beautifully.

Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague, Old Town
The cemetery stopped burying in 1786. When it was created, it is not known exactly. Probably after 1478 ...
The cemetery is strange in that a new layer of clay was buried when it was full of burying. Today it is high on the ground.
The dead lie in 12 layers on top of each other.

The Prague castle atop the hill is a must visit site when in Prague. It towers over the city and can be seen from most places around the river. It also houses the church, the castle, the fort, the President residence and the Golden lane. The change of guards ceremony can also be seen in the mornings. The Golden lane has an exhibition of the old houses of the palace clergy and a wide range of armory and weapons of the medieval ages on display. The highlight is the torture room and the room where the weapons were actually made. The Church is huge and the way its been maintained over the years is amazing. The castle has 4 courtyards in all and all of them are covered on foot which is quite a walk.


Historic Old World City-Stunning Views
Cesky Krumlov is a hidden gem of the Czech Republic that should not be missed when visiting Europe. The city is historic with old world charm, interesting buildings, great for walking and people watching too.
The city is filled with interesting shops, historic sites and museums that will interest a wide variety of visitor. So take your time, take your camera and take in the great sites. Enjoy.


In April of 2018 during a sunny day, while we rested on a bench near the river, I took this pictures. View ok Prague Castle and Carlo Bridge.

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of the vacation that I spent in Prague for sure the place that most excited me and this photo shows the castle on the hill and the bridge on the Moldavian river

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Sooner or later I have to visit!


You definitely should! Well worth it.

I took this photo walking in the evening along the embankment of the river Laba in the city of Usti nad Labem. On the opposite bank of the city center with the spire of the Church of the Assumption and the railway station.

perfect picture congrats

Thanks for the upvote ;) Děkuji za hlas ;)

never been so I have no photos to share...