Prague/Czech Republic - Tuesday photo challenge - share your personal pictures from your visit to the Czech Republic!

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Hello fellow Steemians,

I hope you are all having a great day! :) As usually, I am here with my daily photo challenge where you can submit your personal images from your travels to Prague and other locations in the Czech Republic in the comment section below.

The best 15 entries of the day will get my upvote. I will then pick the absolute winner of the day from these 15 photos. The winning photo will be awarded with a bigger upvote and it will also be featured as the cover image for the challenge post the next day to give the author of the winning shot some more exposure and publicity.

Don’t forget to add a short background story for your entry with at least 30 words and let me just remind you one more time that only personal images will be accepted in the challenge.

There were many great entries submitted in the yesterday Prague/Czech Republic photo challenge and I had a hard time picking the best one. After a deliberate consideration, however, I decided to choose the following entry by @khaan:

Beautiful Sunset With Charles Bridge. Symbol and heart of Prague. Not to be missed during the day, but in the evening it has a special charm! beautiful view of Vltava River. The historical place of Prague, which everyone must see in life. A place where you cannot miss.Very interesting,and a place where you never stop taking photos.I am sure that you will give it an othere visit.

Click on the image for a large view

I rewarded @khaan entry with some extra upvote. Feel free to visit her blog and check out some of her other entries.

Thank you for your submissions. Have a great day and keep on Steeming!

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Prague/Czech Republic - Monday photo challenge - share your personal pictures from your visit to the Czech Republic!

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krizovnicke square
The early Baroque Church of St. Francis (kostel sv. Frantiska Serafinskeho) was built in 1679 – 1685 on the foundation of the original Gothic church according to the design of French architect Jean Baptiste Mathey. His plans were of vital importance to the origins of Czech dynamic Baroque.


What a fantastic capture! Thank you so much for sharing with all of us. This sure will make a great entry for today's contest. Tomas

Close-up of the front side of the Basilica of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Bazilika Navstiveni Panny Marie in the Czech language), a large Baroque pilgrimage church in Frydek - Mistek. Built in 1777, the church is one of the most dominant landmarks of this Silesian town.



The girl with the ocarinas. I am unsure if that musical instrument is somehow related to Czech history but in my mind this character fit the atmosphere of Charles Bridge perfectly. Maybe because I felt like passing through a fairground each time. Of course there were also artists, classical and improvisational musicians, even the Hare Krishna people in pink-orange robes. So almost anything would fit.

I took this image from behind the monument of Jan Hus, catching a detail with behind the astronomical clock tower in Staroměstské náměstí. The statue just seems to look in the direction of the clock.


Governor's Summer Palace, Stromovka, Prague
In these places, the Royal Hunting Lodge was established in the 13th century. The current building dates from the end of the 15th century. The final plan was built in the 16th century. The building was finished at the beginning of the 19th century, when it was reconstructed in the style of an Ancient Neo-Gothic.
Currently, there is an archive.


From inside Hrad Sovinec. Nestled in the Jeseniky mountains is a castle that still keeps its medieval aesthetic. Built on top of a hill, it has great views all around it. This is looking out one of the windows going up to the tower. You see the spire of the Church of St. Augustine.

Great views, lots of historical building's, a must is walking up to the prague castle tower & the views over Prague. The Gardens are spectacular. Really nice despite the many tourists. There is something to discover everywhere and the prices are ok too. Beautiful view over the whole city!

Historic Center of Cesky Krumlov
The location and beauty make this place a wonder Its center full of beautiful buildings and flanked by the castle on a hill and surrounded by the river looks like a medieval tale. Cesky Krumlov is a beautiful town. There are lots of lovely shops, which are interesting inside and out. The castle is definitely worth a visit. The people of Cesky Krumlov are delightful and very welcoming. A must do if you're in the Czech Republic.

Prague Castle has nothing to do with the design of the castles we have. It's almost a mini town, which has been fortified, but that's what makes it so rich. The circuit B proposed in the Prague Card is more than enough to visit the main elements: the Royal Palace, St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George's Basilica and the Golden Lane. Blow of heart for Saint Guy cathedral and its magnificent stained glass windows! Be aware that entry into the domain is free, it will just pass security checks. To really visit the interior of each monument, yes, it will take a ticket. I advise you to come at the opening so you do not have to wait at the box office, and avoid the crowd.

Charles Bridge
Don't miss this great opportunity to people watch and see a lovely sunset. This is a perfect location to just wander for an hour or so. This is a bridge you must try and walk several times whilst in Prague, at varying times of the day. First thing, at sunset and a night are beautiful and even the crazy-busy midday hordes of tour groups for people-watching, are the best times.


Poklona is a look-out place above the villages of Střemošice and Bílý Kůň. The site is located close to the Střemošická stráň, witch is a nature reserve. On the site is a triangular Baroque column of the Holy Trinity from the first half of the 18th century.

Photo is taken today morning during my trip to the work.

St. Salvator Church is facing the Old Town Bridge Tower. The view of the Old Town Bridge Tower from the observation deck and the scenery of the street passing by the tram was very beautiful. Sometimes it's open and sometimes it isn't. We were lucky and it was open when we stopped by. It's a beautiful church but not as awe inspiring of some of the other churches in Prague. But if you are in the area and it's open then it's definitely worth a visit. They give regular classical music concerts here so look for flyers telling you when . Definitely worth a visit for a concert.

— The last rose of summer —
This image — that I love like all featuring elements of the Czech village ˋKonárovice´ and thus historic sites of intense meaning to me — has in fact been taken during the night...! There was a full moon illuminating the Flower Garden and it could not have been more ˋpicture perfect´ for catching a moment that perhaps will remind some of ˋThe Beauty and the Beast´ like did my person :)
~ 🌹~
P.S. —
I have also entered this image at the amazing weekly contest hosted @derangedvisions since it fits the theme perfectly ~ should this not be well and fine (- to submit the same picture at two contests simultaneously -) please let me know.... ~
Here is the link to this second contest that everyone should know about where @czechglobalhosts is also a sponsor —


That sure is absolutely fine. I am glad to see you are taking part in Wes's contests too! Good luck over there:)....


Thank you very much ~ how kind of you ~ ✨ ~

Cesky Krumlov
Old Town observation. Nice panoramic view. Walking & resting in parks. Be careful when climbing and going down the steps of the Castle Tower. Interesting tour of castle and city. Very beautiful setting with winding river and surrounding hills. A multitude of cafes, restaurants and tourist shops, all of which have good prices compared to other European cities.

The Petrin Tower is a must in Prague! There is so much fun taking the funicular and going all the way up to the top of the tower! The panoramic views of the city are amazing! The tower consists of 299 steps that will take you on two platforms, one lower and one at the top of the tower, so be prepared for a trek! At the tip the view is spectacular, but the platform dances (and not a little!) Is for people who walk there, both for the wind that blows hard at that height. Definitely worth a visit, maybe when you are still resting!

St. Vitus Cathedral
The cathedral is within the walls of the castle, it is necessary to make a long line before entering but it is worth the wait Superb architecture, many chapels more beautiful than the others Do not miss. The cathedral is absolutely unmissable! It is worth doing, sometimes, a bit 'of tail to be able to visit.

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