Exploring World - My trip to Dubrovnik - Croatia

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Hello, thank you all for support - almost 200 followers in just couple of days!
Steemit - you are awesome !
Now, let's share with you pictures my trip to Dubrovnik - Croatia !

I arrived in Dubrovnik, traveling with a plane from Zagreb.
As we arrived in Dubrovnik, the first thing to see is the Dubrovnik old town.


I stayed at the hotel, not far from the ferry port of Dubrovnik. It was nice.

Then i got some delicious food served at hotel.

And now, enjoy my exploration of Dubrovnik :) Let pictures speak for me :)









Just look at this Adriatic sea...

I will finish this article about my very best picture of Dubrovnik old town and beach

It was short but nice experience !
Hope you like this pictures.
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Such bright and colorful. Great photos too.. Get on the steemit train. comfy as we go to the moon. 🚀🌝

Thanks for sharing your pictures and welcome to steemit! I've wanted to go to Dubrovnik for ages now, maybe in 2018 !

Thank you ! It would help if you resteem :) I follow you ;)

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Super fotke, Dubrovnik je prekrasan!
Pratim te ;)

Awesome photography!

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