A travel full of memories, and emotions next to the right person @jjuuaanchoo

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Hello my dear friends!!!

I hope you are having a nice day. I already have many days without publishing anything, and I must admit that I missed them very much. But I was pretty busy. In different things.

As few know a few days ago I got married, and all my time of these last weeks was dedicated to make the preparations for my wedding. Although it was something simple and very intimate (only family and close friends) requires a lot of preparation and above all dedication so that things go according to plan.

I can tell you that everything was nicer than I thought. I can not deny that the weeks of preparations were very interesting. But the wedding day was very beautiful. Many things happened that came out of the hands of the organization, such as after the toast, it started to rain, although I am happy that it was not a heavy rain, and that it was not for long.

After the rain passed, everything followed in a normal course.

But today I will not show yet, nothing of my wedding hahaha. Today I have to share with you some photos of my trip a couple of weeks ago; with whom, by then, was my boyfriend and soon after my husband would be. We went to my house in Valle de la Pascua, Guarico State .. These were some pictures taken exactly in the city of Ortiz where we made a short stop to rest from the long time on the road.

I hope you like it; Soon I will be showing more photos of the landscape and later photos of my wedding hahahaha ....