Trip to Kullu-Manali,India (part-II)

in travel •  5 months ago

Hey Steemians 💐
Welcome again,as I was sharing my holiday pics with u these are some more.Please take a look::-

This site is for Hot Air Balloon Ride:

After this we went for Rohtang Pass,this place is at a very high altitude, totally covered with snow::-

Snowy Mountains

Clouds at the top of the Mountain

It was a very Beautiful & Adventurous trip as the roads were steep and narrow.Also driving on such Narrow roads is also has to be very alert while Driving.

I also went to a Buddhist Monastery, I will share the pics tommorow.
Hope you like them.

Regards @crafter

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Nice trip, I would really like to go to places like this. I'm happy with the Dolomites. Ad majora!


Thanks a lot for more pics u can check our my earlier post.

Also I will share some more pics tomorrow of a Buddhist monastery it was small and beautiful please take a look at them also.
Kullu Manali is a beautiful place if you ever come to India do make a visit.
Thanks for visiting my blog

Very beautiful landscapes! Nice travel photos!


Thanks a lot