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Costa Rei is a very popular vacation destination. If you are interested in finding a holiday house in Sardinia, you'll get a rich selection here. From inexpensive vacation apartments or Costa Rei Ferienhaus to luxury villas with a pool - the deal is large and especially made for.
Swimming in the sea made so properly hunger, that rounds its vacation day in the Costa Rei in one of the numerous restaurants off.

Whether pizzeriafish restaurant or Sardinian specialty restaurant - the choice around the middle of this village is big.
If you would like to Costa Rei home holidays, you'll pass through one of the most suggestive territories of Sardinia: the Sarrabus.
The beauty of the territory is further enhanced by the profile of this"Sette Fratelli" mountain complex that dominates the park.
The playground is a natural oasis of fantastic value, an perfect place for relaxing walks. Between the mountains and the luxuriant hills and the sea, which gives all kinds of shades of blue, a thriving Mediterranean maquis, in some areas the enchanting spots of the Costa Rei look in view, like Cala Pira: some little bay framed by deserts covered with fragrant juniper. This place is made even more enchanting from the sparse overview of this"Torre Aragonese" tower that overlooks the crystal clear seafamilies. Variations of the beach visits, enormous effects can be achieved with this coastal strip, which will be open to the east. Early in the morning until the sun rises from the sea, as an instance, when a fluorescent seam of delicate pink and orange tones sharply separates sky and sea for a few moments, possibly with a refreshing leap into the water just before and also a warm, creamy walnut plus brioche in a pub shortly afterwards. Or in the night, sitting on a dune at dusk in the odor of booming beach lilies, bare feet from the warm sand and in your hands an ice-cold mirto (Sardinian myrtle liqueur), making the pastel-colored potpourri between blue and violet, which blurs the horizon between sky and water, even tastier...
Nearby is Muravera, Reiin a fertile agricultural region, is the Penal Colony of Castiadas, once destined to the reclamation of marshy regions as a result of the work of prisoners, now a cultural centre and museum open to visits.

Costa Rei, like the Rei also in low season, particularly for active vacations in Sardinia: by bike or for trekking, for example in the mountainous elaborate of the Sette Fratelli; for motorcyclists, that will take coastal roads with breathtaking views of the seaor to discover the hinterland during the fertile agricultural area of Sarrabus-Gerrei.
For Several Years the The loose stone Emerald-green tones Costa Rei offers Formations of Sant Elmo, using small, enticing rock and sand coves that extend for a few hundred meters against the background of a slightly higher range of hills covered with thick maquis, can be explored along winding paths and picturesquely mark the southern beginning of the Costa Rei. The sea spreads out as soon as the coast turns from stone to white sand - such as a turquoise, fluid carpet that only ends in the horizon. While the shallow coast areas are especially child-friendly, the rugged regions near Sant' Elmo and notably the reefs in the southern end of Cala Sinzias are worthwhile for lengthy diving or snorkeling excursions, which are rewarded with a rich underwater fauna and flora.

We also suggest to Costa Rei is a really popular holiday destination. If you are interested in finding a holiday house in Sardinia, you will get a rich selection here. From cheap vacation apartments to luxury villas with a pool - that the offer is large and especially made for families.
Ideal for families, and not just due to its uncomplicated, well-developed infrastructure, which lasts up to the shores. It's predestined for holidays with children, because the seabed slopes lightly along its whole length and in a number of places allows for extended walks towards the open sea. There are hardly any pebbles, but there are rocky reefs from the sea and large smoothly polished granite cubes in the normal grey of the region. Seaweed is extremely rare on the shore during the bathing season. For people who need stronger contrasts, create a detour for snorkeling or diving into the many hundred meter long rocky area Sant'Elmo, the cliff Scoglio di Peppino or into the endings of the big bay - Capo Ferrato from the north, Monte Macioni in the south.

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