The Trip of A Lifetime to Southern Germany - The Flight and Trailer for What's to Come

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Day 1: "Flight," June 24th, 2019

Philadelphia --> Frankfurt

Day 1

Time flies quickly in an airport with warm company. A 3 hour wait conceptually seemed like it would take an eternity, but, in practicality, it flew (these puns are intended).

At 5:10 pm (est), we boarded our approximately 8 hour flight to Frankfurt, departing around 6pm (est). I wound up seated at the emergency exit with the responsibility, in the event of an emergency, to help passengers get off of the plane. As you can imagine, I took this job quite seriously.

This was the first time I have ever flown on an airplane (which I can remember). I apparently flew several times in my youth, but I do not remember any of them before this trip. My immediate reaction was thoughts of amazement at the sheer force of the Boeing 747, and a sense of wonder and astonishment at the macro world. Everything was so colorful and incredibly different on a large scale. I could have stared for hours at that window.

I was seated with two women (one in her twilight years, and one a young mother). The younger held a baby in her arms. The older woman, obviously a German and a veteran flier, immediately asked the younger if her husband was on board. The younger responded that her husband, the baby's father, was a few rows back. Sensing the approaching problem, the older offered her seat. And, the husband accepted. I did not understand this in entirety, at least, until later that night (or day. Time is weird on an airplane).

My God, can babies scream. After a few minutes in the air, the baby started to wail, comforted only by the sound of his mother's voice softly naming the objects within a borrowed magazine. When she stopped reading, he started wailing. I feel incredibly sorry for those parents. The child periodically cried torturing the entire flight's peace, my peace, and the parents' peace. It was at this point that I knew it was gonna be a long flight.

What's to come

Considering not much happened that was eventful in this entry, I decided to make a little trailer with the photos from the stories to come:


Hello everyone! Thanks for reading this! This journal entry does not even begin to scratch the surface of the experience that was this trip. For the trailer, I used a portion Haydn's "The Heavens are Telling" from his oratorio the creation because it describes the wonder that is creation. This is an idea that resonated with me for a large portion of this trip. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this entry about day 1. I will have day 2 up as soon as I can.

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