Staying in a Capsule Hotel in Tokyo

in travel •  4 months ago

I landed in Tokyo yesterday and to save money, I stayed in a capsule hotel.
It was definitely an interesting experience since I have never stayed in one before. My opinion from this experience is that, why can't they have these things in every big city??? If you just want a place to shower, brush your teeth, and pass the fuck out, then this is the most efficient way to do it.

20180912_062113.jpg Rows of Capsule Rooms

The Capsule Hotel that I stayed in is called "Capsule Inn Kinshicho". It is located 2mins walking distance away from Kinshicho Station and it is 15mins from Tokyo Sky Tree.

20180912_105505.jpg Capsule Inn Kinshicho

The price was 3400Yen. Which equals to $30.49USD with Todays exchange rate. What's makes this deal great is that this includes the use of Sauna, Bath, Towel, Wifi, Locker room, Gym, and Free Curry Breakfast with Salad! There were even free toothbrushed, razors, and q-tips in the bath area incase you forgot them.

The room was definitely cramped. But that's the whole point right?

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Seems like a really good idea to me, especially if all you need is just a place to crash for the night.

I'm surprised they don't have these as part of major airports, everywhere. Flight canceled? You just rent yourself a box and sleep till morning... don't even have to go outside the security gates.



I know!! That would be so convenient.
Anyone who had their flight cancelled and had to take a bus or a train into the city from the airport to get a hotel knows how much of a PITA that is.

$30?! Damn! At least they give you slippers haha


I thought $30 was cheap.
Those slippers were everywhere!

Ive been just as curious as you about these things honestly. My guess would also be that this would be perfect when you just need a place to crash while a layover/missed flight/ being too tired to head home, and i would surely use it!


Yup! It's great for that. It feels like a waste to get a hotel room just to get a place to nap.